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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 110 | March 15, 2009|


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Celebrating 'Art and Aesthetics' for Another Generation

Sabhanaz Rashid Diya

THE Spanish Cubist painter and sculptor Pablo Picasso once said “I paint things as I think them, not as I see them.” Indeed, often our images are a representation of our thoughts as opposed to our sights. We perceive through the eyes of our mind and stroke a few brushes to paint our imaginations. The recently organized Art Exhibition at the Independent University Bangladesh (IUB) premises witnessed such perceptions in the strokes of novice and young painters from the institution.

Organized by IUB Art Club, the exhibition hosted nearly 70 paintings drawn by the students from Spring 2009 batch of the 'Art and Aesthetics' course. Coordinated by Mr. Nazir Ahmed, Assistant Professor at the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities in IUB, the paintings reflected on the students' understanding of Ekushey February and the Language Movement. Showcased at the Art and Aesthetics Gallery in Campus 4 of the institution from 19th February to 5th March 2009, the exhibition was a grand success enjoyed by the faculty, students and visitors.

The exposition was inaugurated on the morning of 19th February by the Vice-Chancellor of IUB, Professor Bazlul Mobin Chowdhury. Professors, administrators, and senior and junior lecturers from different departments gathered at the entrance of the gallery to take a look at the varieties of artwork. They were greeted by a red-and-white pattern of interiors that signified the loss and victory, the war and peace of Ekushey February. The floor was painted white with red footprints that symbolized our bloody walk to freedom and establishment of our rights. It also gave the visitors an impression of the rally towards Shahid Minar in the dawn of 21st February every year and truly offered the exhibition with a different meaning. The decorum reflected on the mood of the paintings and highlighted their artistic attempts, giving the participants a feeling of achievement and exuberance. However, what was also significant is that the gallery showcased artworks from all the students who were enrolled in the 'Art and Aestheics' course this spring and gave everyone something to look forward to at the exhibition.

The 'Art and Aesthetics' course at IUB is known for its creative endeavors. From splashing colours on walls to painting pottery and designing digital posters, the versatility of each project is overwhelming. The course outline differs from one semester to another and students are encouraged to voice their creativity in paint and paper. What is exhilarating is that course not only creates an opportunity for students to experiment with their artistic alleles, but also gives them an insight into contemporary art of Bangladesh. 'Aesthetics' being the word loosely used when appreciating beauty, the course also indulges the students with an understanding of how beauty is defined in its quintessence.

In tandem to exciting projects, the course also provides the students with an exposure to the current art scenes in Dhaka.

By arranging excursions, Mr. Ahmed the course coordinator and IUB authorities have given the students an opportunity to visit different art galleries around the city. This aids in their understanding of artistic expressions of local maestros and perhaps, shows them another side of the coin where they learn to appreciate our culture and heritage through paintings.

Recently, the students currently enrolled at the 'Art and Aesthetics' course were taken in an all-round trip to Dhaka art galleries. Starting from the Muktijuddho Jadughor in Shegunbagicha, the students one by one visited the National Museum, Zainul Abedin Art Gallerty, Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts and Kaya Gallery. Looking through the evolution of artifacts, art works, craftsmanship and creativity of artists and thinkers through the ages gave them a discernment of earlier civilizations, lifestyles and people. The Cubist, Geometric and Modern paintings of Qamrul Hasan, Zainul Abedin and Md. Kibria Chowdhury were a soulful experience where the students realized the rich cultural and creative heritage of Bangladesh.

In a nutshell, the 'Art and Aesthetics' is a diverse and different take on the artistic scenes of today's world. It provides the students to appreciate and understand art aesthetics on a different level and is a refreshing break from the many bookish courses that one has to undertake during their undergraduate studies. Professor Bazlul M. Chowdhury, the VC and other senior professors have always encouraged students in their creative endeavours and the 'Art and Aesthetic' course has been successfully nurturing that potential.

(The writer is a student from the Spring 2009 batch at Independent University Bangladesh)

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