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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 110 | March 15, 2009|


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Our Second Home

Munzerin Shahid & Maliha Ahmed Chowdhury

TWELVE years back we remember getting inside a white and blue building with overpowering iron gates and a stiff looking darwan dressed entirely in grey.

Most of the courage that we dug from deep within vanished into thin air just by the mere look on the darwan's face as he smiled with gritted teeth instead of saying “welcome”.

With loosely fitted blue shirts and navy blue skirts and ties, we were two students cursing everyone who had ever advised our parents to send us to school. We were absolutely amazed at how easily our teacher wrote 'A' and we could do nothing but gape at her.

Going to school back then made it seem like life had taken a sudden turn on a road that was otherwise going straight.

It was then that we realized that the meaning of life was a lot harder when compared to the mere four letter word that it is. It was not as simple as waking up at 10 in the morning everyday, watching TV while our mothers fed us our breakfast, eating chocolates and playing computer games.

Bay View, our school, gave us extraordinary lessons in life. It gave us invaluable friends to cherish for the rest of our lives and also, made us capable of writing down our thoughts in paper so effortlessly like this.

We remember the first ever Ekushey march from our school to the Chittagong Medical College. We remember singing our national anthem on our first Annual Function, dancing with our tiny feet on Pahela Baishakh and trying really hard to synchronize with our seniors as we marched on our Annual Sports. We remember those innumerable yet ever memorable events that we were introduced to by our school.

Those examinations, those trying-our-best-to-cheat moments, the scolding from Nilufar madam on bad Bangla handwriting, the funeral like atmosphere that settled around lasting weeks when Amin Sir left and all the blessings from teachers that accumulated over the years will always remain efficacious in our lives.

Today, when we realize that all those years of disturbing our teachers, begging them for a free class, making up millions of excuses on getting low marks on a test have finally come to halt, we conceive in our minds that the most memorable part of our lives have come to an end. These moments were not only precious, but irreplaceable. Nothing in our lives that will happen in future will ever be able to replace what happened to us over the last 12 years. The last twelve years at Bay View were the most precious times of our lives.

Bay View School, you will always remain Our Second Home.

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