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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 110 | March 15, 2009|


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Setting worst examples

Zannatul Lamea

SO the other day, I was in an absolute rush to reach my university as I had an exam. And as Murphy's Law goes, you are bound to be late when you are in a hurry. With much anxiety I noticed that all vehicles were as motionless blocks, standing still. Upon further investigation the chauffeur found out that there was a chaos ahead, the reason being that a car brushed against a student who was crossing the road hastily. The student, however was not injured at all, except for few scratches but the chaos soon started taking a violent flavor. Well as I gathered the facts, the scene became more precise. It was actually the student's fault who was crossing the road hastily without following the traffic rules, and in turn expected the cars to pause in the middle of a busy traffic flow to let him cross by. And this very slight incident agitated the other students nearby who gathered up and started brick-batting the other cars.

Now this is something I really do not understand. Brick batting and breaking cars have now become our national sport, really! It simple doesn't matter whose fault it is, doesn't matter if other vehicles have anything to do at all in the scenario, the ultimate result of any and every chaos is none but one- break the cars! Students are expected to be the future leaders, and is this how they express their leadership roles? Well it may be the driver's fault , and of course it needs to be dealt with. But what's with stopping the traffic flow and breaking other vehicles? What exactly is the point? I really can't help but wonder, where have all our civic senses gone? We- the educated sect of the city act like uncivilized mob!

There are many such instances where we find such raw proofs of complete absence of civic responsibility. What truly is depressing is the fact that in most such cases, the students play the major negative role. Take smoking for example. I have even noticed students smoking away near hospitals ,schools- everywhere. Well of course there is no hard and fast rule against smoking. But it is something that we all expect the educated generation to know and care about. Even in universities, bunch of students are always seen smoking in groups near canteen or waiting lounge causing great discomfort and disgust to non-smokers. Again, what is the point of not smoking actively, when we are bound to gulp nicotine puffs from our very friends standing nearby?

And then again, there is always the human roadblock. A bunch of doing nothing mob just gathering in the middle of road or a passage , gossiping their heart out- blocking the entire flow. And if you tell them to move they will get agitated instantly , gather themselves up and take it as an incentive to fight. Well yes that's pretty much how we deal with everything now a days. Get agitated, gather in mobs and start a chaos out of nowhere.

Roadside hooligans actively cause chaos and break laws. Many a times we criticize the slum-dwellers or working class people to act in uncivilized manner and curse them for doing so. Well, we can't really expect civic sense from them, they have never received education and were never taught ethics and social responsibilities. What about us- The student community, the future leaders of the country, the generation holding the torch for the entire nation? What examples are we setting through these activities? Are these the incidents that reflect what we are being educated about? It is absolutely disheartening to see us students acting in such an shameful uncivilized way, setting worst examples being the epitome community of the country. It truly is a disappointment.

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