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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 111 | March 22 , 2009|


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In Pictures


S.M. Taslim Yusuf

The Cultural Committee of Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College and Hospital, Serajganj organised a programme throughout the day to celebrate 21st February.

The programme started with “Prabhat Phery” where all the students, doctors and nurses attended. The rally started from the college campus and ended near “Sahid Minar” to pay homage to the gallant stars of our country. A Wall Magazine was also published on that day which was inaugurated by Prof. Dr. Md. Zulfikar Ali. Prof. Dr. C.K. Nandy, Dr. Chandan Kumar Roy, Dr. Sahida Begum, Dr. S.M. Jalaluddin and many other respected teachers and students were present on the occasion.

The Wall Magazine named ‘Poriprekkhonika’; edited by Shahed Imran. The entire programme was guided by Dr. Ashim Kumar Sengupta, Advisor, Cultural Committee, KYAMC.

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