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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 118 | May 10, 2009|


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Ekattorer Chithi-Exhibition in Chittagong
A unique idea to inspire the new generation

Sristi Barua

'1971' is a glorious as well as a mournful chapter for our nation. With the passage of time new chapters of the War of Liberation has been brought into light. The young always look forward to know the heart rending history of the freedom fighters. This was proved once again when I experienced that The Theatre Institute of Chittagong (TIC) was filled with true history seekers. Some of my friends who usually do not attend cultural functions attended and were listening to the recital of letters from the war zone with keen interest.

While we were rehearsing to sing the songs from Shadhin Bangla Betar, we felt a new spirit, strength and a new life force. Those songs once inspired the Bangalees to fight against the Pakistanis. That passion is now running in our blood. The youth gathered together to come closer to the historical document of 1971. Thus as a member of a cultural organization 'Raktakorobi' I was proud to be a part of this great event.

On 25th April a discussion and cultural program was held on the occasion of the exhibition of 'Ekattorer Chitthi'. Prothom Alo and Grameen Phone were the sponsors of this wonderful initiative. The freedom fighters from different places of Chittagong attended the programme.

With “O amar desher mati' we commenced for the evening. Afterwards a cultural organization, 'Natua' performed a mime portraying the moving sight of the liberation war which left the audience speechless. The guests present there also became emotional amidst the heart-touching atmosphere. Through their speech they encouraged the young generation and explained the dreadful experiences of 1971 and the significance of these immortal letters. The young generation was inspired by their excellent pronouncement. The conductor of the programme cited, “These letters are not merely pieces of writings; it's a promise for this generation to start a new battle in the crucial hour of the nation”.

In the event, it seemed that emotions and love for mother and motherland became supreme. The audience listened to the recitation of the letters in pin drop silence. Their hearts became heavy and eyes became wet. Going through these poignant letters I came to know the dreams, hopes, pains, sorrows, bravery and fears of the letter writers. They did not look back. The more I turned over the pages it seemed that I was going through the war time. I started realizing the painful situation of being detached from family and relatives. Fathers wrote to their loving children; sons wrote to their anxious parents; and husbands wrote to their beloved wives.

We ended the event singing 'Ek Shagor Rakter Binimoye', 'Purbo Digontey Shurjo Uthechhey', and finally 'Amar Shonar Bangla'. 'Ekattorer Chitthi' will be an effective step for this and future generations.

The writer is a Student of the English Department at Chittagong College.

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