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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 120 | May 24, 2009|


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University Shuttle of CU

THE above song can be heard in the 'Chittagong University Shuttle Train' now and then. If you start to think what is special about Chittagong University, invariably it is the shuttle train. In Bangladesh, it is the only university which has a shuttle train. Students of CU travel by the shuttle train to come to the campus and go back home as well. The journey takes a new meaning and perspective when it comes to the Chittagong University Shuttle Train. In general, a one-hour journey can make people bored, but this shuttle train is the symbol of youth, so, how could anyone feel bored here! One can easily feel the colour of life in the journey by the shuttle. Our University is located on a large area, so it is difficult to meet the students of other departments. But the University shuttle train unites us in such a way that it helps to develop a good relationship with the students of various other departments. Again it is a source of many creative activities. Some students sing songs to make the journey enjoyable. In every occasion like Nababarsho, New Year, Friendship-day etc., the compartments , both inside and outside, are decorated with various materials. But it is the law of the nature that, if there is any good-side of things, there will be the bad side also. The respective authorities are not concerned with the cleaning up and maintenance of the compartments. So, the condition of some compartments is not up to the mark. It is a matter of sorrow that sometimes students get into fights for seats inside the compartments.

Despite some drawbacks, the shuttle train is an important feature of the University of Chittagong. The campus life of a student of CU starts with the train and ends with the last trip by the train. We can't think of our varsity-life without the shuttle train. It gives us pleasant experiences as it is emotionally attached with us. Thinking of the day when we would not have to wait for the shuttle, we tend to get emotional.

(The writer is a student of Dept. of Law (3rd year), University of Chittagong.)

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