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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 126 | July 5 , 2009|


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Return of The Wireless Sessions

WITH the extent of music events lined up in today's lounge shows, one name that is distinguished by every means is the wireless sessions. As the pioneers of unplugged music in this generation The Wireless Sessions (TWS) have marked themselves as a distinct brand in the music arena. To be more precise, TWS are unplugged events that are organized every Thursday night for a whole month in an attempt to promote the unplugged music scenario. For over a year, The Wireless Sessions were missing in action. While many others tried to bring in the essence, TWS is still craved by a wide array of fans who want to start their week with a blast.

To know further about this year's wireless sessions, Tawsif Saleheen from Star Campus talked to the head honcho of the event, Nafis Ahmed. "This year, The Wireless Sessions are coming back with a slightly renewed flavor," said Nafis. "Each Thursday night in July, The Wireless Sessions will present some of the most talented singers in the local music arena. This time the target of these shows is to have a more unified form of unplugged music through the tagline: keep it clean. Many bands have already auditioned in a workshop held in Incursion Music and many of these bands will get the exposure in front of a live audience for the very first time. There would be newcomers, some experienced instrumental performers, some talented regulars and some surprise elements besides the awe-inspiring highlighters. Some new segments are also being incorporated which would only be seen at the events and not to be announced beforehand."

TWS has set new standards in the unplugged music arena. When asked about the success of the first TWS, Nafis replied. " The Wireless Sessions are targeted towards giving improvised artists a platform to host their musical talent. Catering its crowd with a wide array of music, the propensity to showcase the performers through TWS is therefore reaching its peak. With illustrious performances from both the highlighters and the newcomers, the first TWS was a massive hit and after that there was no turning back. Until now, the featured artists who have performed at the wireless sessions include - Arnob, Bassbaba, Bappa Mazumdar, Shironaamhin, Nemesis, Yaatri, Arbovirus, Ajob, Shunno, dNA, Reborn, Powersurge, Radioactive, Eclipse, Mechanix, Scarecrow and many more."

The Wireless Sessions started from 2nd July and will have 5 consecutive sessions in every Thursday in the month of July. So go over to D'Pavement café at Satmasjid Road, Dhanmondi and enjoy your evenings at the Wireless Sessions!

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