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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 129 | July 26 , 2009|


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BUCuC Organises concert for AILA victims

Asif Ahmed Noor

BRAC University Cultural Club organized concert for the AILA victims featuring 'Bangla' the band, in their very own premise The BRACU Indoor Games Room. The event promotions were rigorous with banners, posters and flyers hanging all over the campus, creating exuberant anticipation inside BRACU. The ticket booth was set up in the cafeteria and before we knew it, BRACU teachers, faculties and staff had mobilized the ticket sales to a staggering amount of Tk. 10,000 on Day 1 of ticket sales, taking the event to a whole new level. The ticket sales in the next two days had left everyone astounded as we hit Tk. 22,000 on Day 3.

On the day, the necessary arrangements were all done and the crowd blasted into applause as Bangla entered BRACU premise. After a slight delay for a soundcheck, Bangla was ablaze with their musical prwoess, reliving Lalon's songs with a modern sound. The crowd fell into the amazing groove of Buno's maestro bass, swinged along with Jibon's drums, screamed at Kartik's guitar skills and was mesmerized with Anusheh's voice as she hit the most impressive notes in the most exceptional style! Some of the top songs from the event playlist are: Tomar Ghore (performed on Pro-VC Sir's request), Namaz Amar and Ami Opar hoye.

The event was an absolute hit, as Bangla set the house on fire wrapping up the show with Krishno Pokho on audience request. Bangla said that they were glad to be associated with such a noble cause in their ending note.

BRAC University Cultural Club strives to set high standards by providing great entertainment, being associated with humanitarian causes and creating responsible citizens.

(Secretary Marketing, Promotion and Editorial, BUCuC)

Intra IBA Branding Competition

The Intra IBA Branding Competition was recently held in IBA. This competition focuses on honing the branding skills of the business school students. This is the second time IBA is hosting the competition. The finalists get the chance to participate in the inter university branding competition, BrandWitz. This year's Intra IBA Branding Competition followed the same pattern as it did last year. The competition comprised of three rounds.

The first round consisted of case solving. 36 teams consisting of 3 members each participated in this round. A range of Harvard Business School cases were given to the students. Each team applied their knowledge and skills to come up with solutions to problems like Radiohead's music distribution and Gucci's brand realignment. Solving a case in 75 minutes is no easy matter. But the participants were up to the challenge and came up with unique and innovative solutions. From this round, 18 teams were selected for the second round.

The second round consisted of branding a particular product/service. Participants had to brand mango, security services, energy drinks, beauty salons etc. This was a tough round because they had about 18 hours between the two successive rounds. This meant sacrificing one night's sleep to make posters, jingles, web site layouts, presentations and so on. Teamwork and individual skills came in handy in here. Most of the teams came up with brilliant performances, albeit one or two fell short of expectations. From this round, 6 teams made it to the final round.

The final round can only be described as a clash of the Titans. The topic was the same for all participants to come up with a social awareness campaign for a city in a developing country, by means of which the people would be encouraged to use public vehicles. This was a very daunting task for the participants due to the sheer scope of the campaign. Once again, the teams outdid each other in terms of performance. After a grueling three hours of intense fight between the potential brand managers of tomorrow, the judges gave their verdict. The teams Finding Name-O, Gimmick and Versa Corp came first, second and third respectively.

Ex IBA-ites from different batches came to adjudicate the competition. Their feedback gave the participants the opportunity to learn from mistakes and do better in the subsequent rounds. Their words of wisdom will sure come in handy for the students in future. The competition was organised by IBA Communication Club.


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