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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 129 | July 26 , 2009|


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BISCJ ReUnited -- The First Reunion Of A Foreign school in Bangladesh

Masuma Rahman Nabila

If anyone is asked which part of his life he or she considers most precious, or which part of life he or she would miss a lot, then every person would unanimously come up with one answer, and that is school life. It is considered the second home or the second family to all of us. After passing the school, we become so busy with our lives, career and education, that when we look back at our life we feel like if there was a rewind button, then we would love to relive our school life once again. Although such a wish is never possible, but an alternative could be having a reunion with all those people who were members and a part of our school family.

And this is exactly what happened this June at RAOWA Club where Bangladesh International School and college, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia had a grand reunion, where batches from HSC'93 to HSC'08 had participated. This is the first ever grand reunion of a foreign school in Bangladesh, and we, the BISCJ-ians, have made it possible. The extra addition to this event were the presence of our respected teachers - Syed Nurul Quader, Zebunnesa madam, Kazi Nazrul Islam and Abul Kalam Azad who added an extra charm to this event.

The event started with recitations from the Quran, followed by the national anthem. Then our respected teachers gave their speeches. Afterwards, the man who made the event possible and a successful one and that is Tanveer Masud (HSC 06) gave his speech. All the batch representatives were given crests for their hard work. Later on, every member of each batch came up and shared their wonderful experiences with all of us. This was followed by musical performances by former students of the school which took all of us back to the golden days when they used to perform our favourite songs at our school. After dinner, the event came to an end with a fun game, "Golden Memories Millionaire" followed by a raffle draw.

None of us wanted to leave that day. For a while everyone forgot their present life and took a journey back to BISCJ - the school that has made us what we are today. Everyone shared their memories of school and was elated to have been part of such an amazing event. Tanveer Masud definitely needs to be thanked for his efforts, due to which the event was possible, and also, my gratitude to everyone for being there to make the event a success. We are waiting for a bigger and more grandiose event next year. And as the sogan says "BISCJ In Our Heartz...and..every Beat..!!

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