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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 129 | July 26 , 2009|


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Where is my money?

Theotonius Gomes

“Oh my God! Where's my money?”
I am not talking about my money, it is the money of the greatest miser who loved money more than his life. However, he lost all his wealth after hiding it in a secret place. He never spent a single penny on himself nor on his children. Ultimately, he appeared to be a foe to his own family. He lost the charming, beautiful and young Marriane whom he desired to marry. It was Cleante, his son who won her from him, along with bagging his money.

This was the French dramatist Molliere's much loved piece "The Miser", performed by the students of English department, Eastern University. The enthusiastic students formed a Drama and Theatre Forum Club under the guidance of Kazi Toufiqul Islam and Nazla Fatmi.

The outburst of laughter and applaud echoed from far end of the auditorium during the show. We forgot all the fidgeting when audience's spontaneous response pumped us up at the British Council Auditorium.

We mostly enjoyed the rehearsals where we jelled in as a team. Initially all the performers kept facing the prompter. While we were engrossed on the wit and comic situations of the script, no one was able to memorize the dialogues.

It was a fabulous and exciting experience for us while putting up the show. We had hardly a month to arrange it. Yet we learned how to face many unavoidable circumstances and still put up an enthralling show.

(Writer is a Lecturer of Eastern University)

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