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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 133 | August 23 , 2009|


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Fariha Ishrat Khandaker

IT is said that the strangest feeling one is ever to encounter is that of falling in love. It is said that when you hold a cape in front of a raging bull, it's bound to come straight at you with all its strength (enlightening us with the term bull's eye).

It is said that sheer unadulterated anger when looked through the glass of fire is powerful enough to vanquish kingdoms.

It is said that all these share their magnitude of divinity, humour and strength in the colour Red.

People through history have paid enough homage to this colour to make it a symbol of love, passion, anger and all that is in between. Anything of high importance is usually marked by this shade as it stands out among the rest. Being the bold one with the innate capability to invoke an inherent response from its audience, the colour red manages to pull its weight in all exuberant cultures. It is the colour of celebration and good luck as the Chinese see it, Indians look at it as purity and integrity, and sadly South Africans use it for mourning (well can't blame them for trying to be a bit boring). And as the emblem of love, it is tradition that you receive a red ruby on your 40th anniversary.

Look at the Seven Deadly Sins and one is bound to find its shades representing lust and wrath (varies in between right?). And if not Prada, the Devil certainly wears red. One might look at the duality and the thin line that it is left to tread on, simply by virtue of looking either too ostentatious or the absolute epitome of confidence and beauty. Somehow, it just seems that the glamorized vampires of today's fiction have mastered the former and the latter of red's connotations.

Au contraire, red is the guiding power of a natural leader. There is obviously a reason why the communists and even Nazi's have embraced the bright crimson to be their angel of solace. Be it the colour of courage and sacrifice as displayed in 'The Red Badge of Courage' or even in conjunction with the Roman god of war, Mars, any other warning sign that pops up in your face is bound to be painted in red. Oh, and let's not mention red and forget about ManU (see, even sports fans have their favourites picked and the colour definitely has a lot to do with it).

Thus, being hyperactive or releasing thy anger like the manic bull (do realise that Red Bull has nothing to do with it), a touch of red in the Feng Shui of our life is the perfect way to indulge oneself into a bit of the red carpet treatment that shouldn't only be extended to celebrities. It is ok to let oneself elude in the overwhelming joy that the shade is able to instigate from get go. For wallflowers, this is the perfect remedy if you're tired of sitting in the background. Because as much a gamble as life is, making use of red is the best way to say get up and take action (or in more eloquent terms, go get a life). So whatever the plan is; be it passion or love, anger and blood, or to reach up and touch the sky (all in due metaphorical terms), it is very much advisable to not wait in line, but to go out and paint the town red.

[Picture source: deviantart.com]

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