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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 143 | November 8 , 2009|


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The Architist

Rashedul Hasan

IF someone were to tell you that there is an art exhibition with the title "The Architist", it beckons a definite reaction. Certainly there is a bit of confusion initially as to what to expect; but then if you are not so much the art appreciator, then be sure to miss out on a thought-provoking event.

The Architist, so aptly named, are a group of six aspiring artists are collaborating on a project to present their talent through an exhibition at Drik Gallery, starting on the 12th of November.

Running for five days, the exhibition is to highlight the mixed media works of six students of architecture. The architecture students are from different well-known private universities (UAP, BRAC, SUB and NSU) who have gathered and produced works based on their individual themes and ideas.

The artists have produced the art works independently. They are based on their taste and mode of expression. At first glance they may seem inconsistent or detached but those studying architecture may well find a hidden link.

It should be noted the participants themselves have little or no experience in education in Fine arts. Their works were derived from self-exposure to Fine Arts and personal experience. The works were further influenced by times spent and lessons learnt from their respective architecture school.

The exhibition materials may lack the basic techniques, study and analysis required when doing paintings and collages, but we became students of architecture because someone once told us that we could draw or paint...that we were creative. Thus, from our perspective, it is a tribute to the world of "art".

So for those of you who can paint, wants to indulge in the subconscious realm of colours, or is simply aspiring for a bit of inspiration, you are all welcome to take part in a small step towards the artistic movement in Bangladesh.

Involving young minds
in critical thinking

Tanzina Rahman

RESEARCH proposal is a critical component for Doctoral dissertations and Masters by Research. It requires one to develop a succinct objective that illustrates a focused purpose of the research, extensive literature reviews to support the research being proposed and methodologies that will undertake the research. By all means having hands-on experience on how to write research proposals during a student's undergraduate studies allows him to attain a proper guidance on how to write research proposals once he pursues for higher studies.

Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) and NCC Bank Limited jointly organized an Inter-University Research Proposal Writing Competition for the second time after its immense success in 2008. Students from both public and private universities across Dhaka were asked to send a team of three from the Bachelors in Business Administration and Masters in Business Administrations departments. The registration began on the 1st of October where 14 teams entered to compete against each other. The participating teams went through a brief workshop on 'Research Methodology' at the School of Business, IUB. Subsequently, the teams were required to form a proposal on an open topic or issue concerning the business environment in the country. The teams had the opportunity to present their proposals to a panel of judges in the first round whereby six teams were selected for the finals.

“There were only three categories in the market where students were able to compete. We on the other hand wanted to come up with something unique and innovative,” explained Professor Nadim Jahangir, Director of the School of Business, IUB, during the Gala Final Round.

“Something where young minds can identify problems around Bangladesh and propose creative solutions to solve them. Thus the committee came up with this innovative idea. When it was proposed to other universities there were two kinds of opinions, ones who said the competition should be recognized by only PhD and master students and should be restricted from the regular students and ones who supported the idea and moved along to accomplish it,” he added.

The final six teams held an intense competition during Gala Final Round. Team ARashedur Rahman Khan, Asif Javed Rahman and Mashrur Hasan Khan from IBA won the first position of BDT 25,000 in cash. The runners up teams were Team FSaimum Hossain, Maria Hossain and Badhan Mazumder from the Dhaka University Finance department and Team B Ridwan Karim, Saida Musarrat Choudhury and Asifa Zaman.

Golam Hafiz Ahmed, Deputy Managing Director of National Credit and Commerce Bank Limited (NCCBL) and A. Hafiz Choudhury, FCA Chairman, Education, Science, Technology and Cultural Development Trust (ESTCDT) were the chief guests during the Gala Final Round and the Award Ceremony. Professor Nadim Jahangir, Director of the School of Business, IUB, Professor M. Omar Rahman, Pro Vice Chancellor, IUB, Professor Bazlul Mobin Chowdhury, Vice Chancellor, IUB were among the others presented during the ceremony.

The competition rounds were adjudicated by Dr. Parvez Ahmed, Associate Professor, Finance Coggin College of Business, University of Florida, Dr. Golam Faruque, Senior Assistant Secretary, Ministry of Finance, Bangladesh Government and Dr. Masrur Reaz, Private Sector Advisor, DFID.

“Our goal for next year is to involve participants from all public and private universities and colleges across Bangladesh. Last year we had nine participating teams for this competition and this year it increased to 14. Hence we will try to maintain the growth in the years to come,” Professor Jahangir affirmed.



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