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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 6| February 6, 2010|


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1st Intra University Photography Contest 2010
@ National Art Gallery,
Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy

Habiba Nowrose Happy

DHAKA University Photographic Society (DUPS) organized its 1st Intra University Photography Competition which included all the 51 departments of Dhaka University and institutions under its authority. Out of all the submitted photographs 95 were selected for the final exhibition. I was really excited to be there and enjoyed the entire inaugural ceremony. Abu Abdullah, Vice Principal of one of the leading photographic institutes of our country Pathshala was the judge of the exhibition. The chief guest of the ceremony was the Minister of Social Welfare Enamul Haque Mostafa Sharif, while Managing Director of Best Way, Advisor of the Dhaka University Photographic Society and Imdadul Haque Milon, prominent writer and associate editor of Kaler Kontho were special guests. Secretary of DUPS Mahtab Alam greeted the guests and gave the opening speech. The advisor of DUPS Anwarul Islam gave a speech addressing the students and their work. He said that he has been working as the advisor of DUPS for a long time and has taken a lot of photographs when he was young and he is still deeply moved by these photographs whenever he looks at them. Mizanur Rahman, Chairman of Best Way was proud to be a part of this type of exhibition for the first time. He thinks photographers capture a lot of life in a single photograph that has very strong expression. Imdadul Haque Milon told the students a story about a college going boy studying in Dhaka, who was a friend of Sheikh Kamal. He had access to the house of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. This young boy had a camera and he always looked for a chance to photograph Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman when he was relaxing in his home. Thus he became a renowned photographer of our country later on. His name is Pavel Rahman. His works have been on the cover of Time Magazine and News Week. Imdadul Haque Milon believes that nowadays photographers get more opportunities than before and it is a very positive change. Soon after, the prize giving ceremony began where the winners of the photography contest were awarded with 7 crests for 7 best photographs out of 95. The first prize went to Rubayat Ahsan Deep, the 2nd prize went to Avijit Nandy, 3rd position was secured by Romana Amin, 4th was by Sabbir Hossain, 5th was by Mahtab Ul Ama, 6th was by Pantha Rahman and 7th by Dipankar Dipu.

After the prize giving ceremony, the Minister of Social Welfare delivered his speech. He thanked the organisers for inviting him to the inaugural ceremony. He said that he knew Dr Nawajesh Ali personally and added that it is photographers like him who has taken photography to an enviable height and because of that it has become an art. He believes that a single photograph can say more than a thousand words as a lot of hard work and merit go behind it. He was very keen to see the work of the young photographers and he hoped that they would go a long way.

The Minister started the programme by cutting the red ribbon and then he entered the gallery to see the work of the emerging photographers. Each of the pieces were different from the other and was unique in their own way. I got really inspired by looking at the works of the winners. I also spoke to one of the visitors, a student of Peace and Conflict at the University of Dhaka. He said that he was feeling really motivated by the works of the students and from now on he will be cautious and think before taking a photograph even if he is not using a professional camera. The response and the encouraging speeches from the guests have really made a mark on my mind. I am certain that if efforts like this continues then young photographers will improve further and finally reach a height where they will be able to make our country proud.

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