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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 9| March 1, 2010|


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Omni Music-Star Campus
Musical Adda

Yamin Tauseef Jahangir

Star Campus in partnership Omni Music arranged for the third time a Musical Adda where the guest singer of the evening was our very favourite Elita Karim who happens to be an amazing singer and undoubtedly a versatile personality. The adda took place at Genetic Plaza, Dhanmondi where the turn out was very impressive. Our guest singer was accompanied by Shandhi (vocalist and guitarist of Mohakaal) with his guitar and together they performed an unplugged session of almost one and half-hours.

The session took a while to start as Elita Karim had to find out time for us from her busy chores, but when she arrived it was all smiles everywhere. The audience was a bit shy as they really did not know how to start the conversation with their favourite artist, but Elita Karim as lovely as her voice, broke the evening silence and started to interact with the crowd. Soon the environment began to change and Elita Karim performed her first song 'Ghum'. The whole place sank into an enigmatic aura, with red and violet in our minds and a passionate feeling to hold on to that special someone. The song was written by Sachin Dev Burman and it was a love song as she explained. The crowd then started to ask questions to the guest singer, about her musical life and what was she up to, to which she talked about her journey to music and joked on the fact that she got her thesis paper on English to complete for her masters, and that was a bit of worry for her.

Elita Karim then moved on to her next track and she sang 'Brishti' which was a song from her own band Raaga, and took questions from the audience after she finished. Few wanted to know about her schooling and she told them that she had spent her entire school life abroad, which was in Saudi Arabia and studied under the Indian Board of Education at International Indian School. After that she came to Bangladesh and joined North South University (NSU) and is currently doing her masters at the same institution as well. Shandhi from Mohakaal also shared a few words and talked about the fun times during the jamming sessions and how they usually pester Elita Karim.

But he also added that they know how witty she is which makes them to respect her more. Our singer then performed a track from her latest album ‘Onthohin’ that she sang in a duet with Mahdi and the song was 'Hridoy'. Songs such as 'Kothai' (which was the song of Raaga), John Denver's 'Annie's Song' and Moushumi Bhoumik's ' Shopno Dekhbo Bole' were all sung by Elita Karim. She then moved onto her first song of her musical career, 'Mittha' which she said was done in a duet with John, the vocalist of Black. 'Shey Je Boshe Ache' is a song by Arnob and Elita Karim was phenomenal when she performed it and made the audience tap on their feet and groove to the rhythm. Shandhi was magnificent as his fingers went on playing on the six strings and the rest of the time went by with the flicker of the eyes. Some refreshments were organised by Omni Music and they were truly supportive in the whole event.

In the end, it was time to say goodbye to our guest, and Star Campus team thanked her for her time and being so humble and providing us some beautiful music to make the evening a memorable one. Lastly, the owner of Omni Books and Omni Music, Neo G Mendes in his short speech was overwhelmed by the presence of the audience and thanked Elita Karim for her melodious songs and wished this talented singer success in her future.

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