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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 15| April 11, 2010|


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'Operation Searchlight' -Genocide

Subir Das & Tina Nandi

STUDENTS of the Department of Theater of Dhaka University launched a hair-rising simulation artwork depicting the carnage on 26 March, 1971 in Jagannath Hall perpetrated by the brutal Pakistani forces.

The artwork was done with straw, wood, rope and deep-red dyes. It was a splendid display of the creative ideas of the artists. On the ground, several bullet-ridden human bodies were lying twisted with bloodlike dye spurting out of them. A wooden gallows was erected to recall the memory of falling of young stars following the preemptive assault by the devilish soldiers. While wandering across the hall, people got terrified as their eyes fell on the mutilated bodies. It was really an outstanding work that reminded all of the sacrifice of the valiant sons of our country. It reminded everyone of the barbaric mass killing on that fateful night in 1971.


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