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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 20| May 16, 2010|


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Just a Thought

Just a Thought

Keep it Low

Yamin Tauseef Jahangir

We love to be loud. Whenever we get the chance to deliver our thought process in words, we, in most cases prefer to give an extra effort to our vocal chords, so that the sound wave can pierce through the ear drums on the other end and generate enough impulses to make the person listen. Drawing attention is almost like an addiction for many and regardless of who is thinking what about you, you are oblivious to your surrounding and continue at the top of your voice and that is something 'normal' for you.

A regular bus ride would involve people who are in fact good at this. You see, these commuters have an unbelievable quality of yelling over the phone and they go on repeating the words over and over again till they have created enough nuisances around them and still manage to remain apathetic. When you look at them, even a stern look, a look which would make anybody feel ashamed, they, however, return you raising eyebrows, and eyes that say, “What? You need to be loud as well?” Their common conversation relates to the monetary problems, which they claim can never be sorted out in a decent approach. According to science and the human psychology, laughter could be the best medicine. But there are people who possess such a sense of humour that they would just laugh at anything. You ask them their name and they would reply laughing. You crack a joke and it is them who drag it to the point where it is no longer funny but they are the ones who would still be loud. Such people either have a surplus of adrenaline or they really lack the sense of proportion to the extreme.

We do pull off a 'know-it-all' attitude whenever we have to address the crowd and we really do not know when to stop. We will snap the rest and be as vocal as we can be and if we have a microphone, we will brag till our late fore fathers scream from the heavens, so, just imagine that happening. When you ask why are we like this, the answer is quite simple. You opt to be the center of attention. As an individual you think it is your right to blabber on what not and get all your information be heard to your surrounding. You feel a certain necessity to bring out even your personal life in the scene and add flavours to it publicly and if someone comments on it, you just confront the person with a hideous tone, which is also loud, and you tell the person it is a 'personal' matter. Right, that makes so much sense doesn't it? You must have noticed whenever you are in a gathering there will be people who says it all and does not even pause. They start off with “Apni amar kotha shunen” and have a tendency to take it to an argumentative level from where all you hear is few hyper tones and you get the picture very clear.

You remember the talk shows that go around these days? Well, all that there could be seen is people who act like the monk at the beginning but do come out from the shell later and my o my, they can talk! You will see the rising of the tone and it does not take much time to reach a crescendo. Yes, we all hear you well, so you can keep it low.

Is it all about the excitement that drives us to this level? Is it the feeling of not being heard at all? Or does it relate to us being absolutely ignorant? Whatever it is, being loud is something should not be a regular habit. Look at the love doves in this context; they are always at the lowest frequency and they seriously could be an inspiration! Think about it.

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