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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 23| June 6, 2010|


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A Bangladeshi teenager’s view of American Idol 2010

Brotee DasDatta

THE ninth season of American Idol came to a conclusion on 29 May with a two-hour grand finale. The name of the proud winner of this season was declared at the last moment of the finale. I was kind of upset when I saw Lee DeWyze to be crowned as American Idol 2010. Among thousands of contestants Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersocx were able to make their way to the finale. With only 2% difference in votes between Lee and Crystal and also based on the judgment of four of the idol judges, 24 years old Lee was the one who was awarded as this season's lucky winner.

I have been watching American Idol for the last two seasons. It is quite an exciting reality show. I think this season had something special from the previous ones. Ellen DeGeneres's joining as a judge on the show made this season undoubtedly much entertaining. Kara DioGuardi, Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson were also on the judging table. Ryan Seacrest hosted the whole season. His special type of hosting, like his entreating and funny presentation, made the show much popular.

More than 100000 contestants auditioned for this music reality show. Among them Didi Benami, Andrew Garcia, Katie Stevens, Tim Urban, Siobhan Magnus, Aaron Kelly, Michael Lynche, Casey James, Crystal Bowersocx and Lee DeWyze were selected as the top ten finalists. From the beginning of this show I was a huge fan of Tim and Katie. None of them was able to make their way to the finale. Based on their performances when both of them had been eliminated, I suddenly became very depressed and made a promise to myself that I wouldn't watch the rest of the season. But because it was American Idol and the competition was getting so exciting and the arrangements were so attractive that it was impossible for me to keep myself from watching the show.

Through the whole season, the judgment of the jury and their advice have influenced the participants to improve themselves. Though sometimes some rough comments by Simon Cowell, the reverend judge, have hurt the participants a little bit, I think those were very helpful for them. 29 May 2010, the night of the grand final of the ninth season of American Idol was the last night for Simon in this show. The previous winners of American Idol performed a song together as a special tribute to Simon. Former judge Paula also returned on the finale to bid farewell to Simon.

American Idol is different from any other reality show. It was showed every Friday and Saturday from 9:30 pm BD time on Star World. The participants' performance was showed on Friday. And based on their performances the results were given on Saturday. Before each show a celebrity singer mentored the participants who had made their way to the top ten finalists. Teen pop sensation Miley Cyrus, who is one of my favorite singers, was also one of them. Miley's joining on the show influenced many teenagers like me to watch American Idol.

The American Idol of this season, Lee DeWyze was just an ordinary worker in a paint store. And this year's second runner-up, Casey James was a construction worker. American Idol has changed their lives. It has made so many dreams come true. It has made so many hidden talents come to light. Lee, Crystal and all other top ten finalists are now popular all over America because of American Idol. Its attractive arrangements and special ways of presentation have made this music reality show much popular than any other reality shows. It is also my most favourite show that I'd remember for a long time.]

(Brotee DasDatta, representative of teenage Bangla e-zine Kishorechitro.com, is a student of Viqarunnesa Noon School & College, Dhaka)

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