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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 23| June 6, 2010|


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Going Global

Working Together: For Our Home, Our Planet:
Workshop on Climate Change

Noor Alam Siddique Sifat and Safirul Karim

MANY of us are never aware of how much electricity we misuse everyday. Starting from the home appliances to our entertainment gadgets we spend a lot of electricity and the meter keeps on running while we remain ignorant. However there was something that completely changed our thoughts and the way we lead our lives. Maple Leaf International School held a two-day workshop, which was supported by Goethe Institut Dhaka (German Cultural Center) and organised by Green Club, with the theme: Working Together: For Our Home, Our Planet Earth. The workshop was conducted on May 5 and May 11, 2010.

It was the spectacular movie "Home" which made an impact and played a big role in changing our attitude during the first session of the programme. Some of us were stunned and completely taken aback to discover what we have done to our own planet.

“Before that, I did not have the slightest idea of where this planet is heading for,” said Shihab Khan, a class 9 student who attended the workshop. “ The thought of the future was circling around my head. From that moment onwards, I made up my mind, not only to stop wasting energy but also to create awareness around me. The programme made me more aware of the importance of keeping our environment clean. Even throwing a bottle on the street can have adverse effects in the long run,” Shihab added. On the second day, a Focused Group Discussion helped gather different ideas from different students on the possible ways to save energy. The workshop was attended by more than seventy students and that included students from classes VI-XII. The entire session was conducted by Lydia Skrabania, from Goethe Institut who explained what PASCH means. The abbreviation was for 'Schools: Partners for the Future' and Maple Leaf International School was one of the partners. Nowadays, environmental problems concern everybody and especially the young generation, will suffer the most from the impacts.

Lydia Skrabania said, “The aim of the 'PASCH goes green' project is to create awareness in young people's minds, to achieve changes on a large scale, one has to begin on a small scale. The two-day programme at Maple Leaf International School was a complete success. With their interest and participation, the students exceeded all my expectations,” she added.

Today many of us are concerned about saving energy. We are now planning to travel by bus and are also aiming for the lowest consumption possible. It may be very difficult for us at the beginning to adjust, but soon we will cope up with it.

It was for the workshop that changed our perceptions about our way of living. We know that our small steps can at least make a difference to save our planet from its extinction. The Green Club would like to offer its sincere gratitude to Lydia Skrabania and Ziad Latif, PASCH Project Coordinator of Goethe Institute for the support that they have shown to our school teachers, the administration and also to us. Last of all we also thank the students who have attended the sessions and made it memorable.

(The writers are both members of Green Club and A level students, Maple Leaf International School )


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