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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 27| July 4, 2010|


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!Football Fever…!

Tina Nandi

11th June - my date of birth - but this year it was as special for any and every football lover in the world as every year it is for me. It truly gave every heart and mind both the reason and the fire for celebration. Rush for leaving work place earlier is getting common scenario now a days. They run like someone possessed and all those are happening because of the Football fever that has gripped the nation. The Flags of favorite teams on rooftops and in front of apartments are living proof of it.

My 25th night could not get any better when I along with my friends went to TSC for watching the Brazil vs. Portugal match. I was happy because it was a good feeling to watch the match with students over there. The first reason was that among friends it is obvious to have a debate mingled with a wave of joy because the debate between Anti Argentine and Anti Brazilian is always enjoyable. And the second one was the excitement that was swept over the crowd. Here is also a specialty, comments over teams and supporters as well. Here I would like to share an interesting episode. A gentleman came with his car and parked it on the ground of TSC and as usual young minds could not accept it. As a silent objection a group of six or seven friends sat on top of the car to watch the game. After a while, when the owner of that car came to know about it he came out and as expected became very angry. A friend of ours could not take it and said, “Ei de to akta yellow card gaariwalare dekhai.”

We all enjoyed the comment and shared a good laugh. We were over there till the end of the match and were overwhelmed and thrilled by the conversation and comment session as well. What a feeling it was! I had no idea that such an excitement could connect hearts of innumerable football lovers all over the world.

The English Poet William Blake said: “What is now proved was once only imagined”. But now I can see or say it like this- “ What is now imagined will one day be proved ”. Now the question is why I am recalling it here. It is only because whether we Bangladeshis can expect our Red and Green Flag fluttering in the World Cup Football venue one day. Why not?

(Writer is a student of East West University)

Photo: AFP

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