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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 38| October 03, 2010 |


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Learning a Language and More

Sarah Z H

A sophisticated and effective language teaching is the main priority of C.L. (Centre for Languages), Bac University. Initially launched as El-Pro (English Language Programed) in 2005 the institute offered its students with English Language courses depending on the proficiency levels of the learners. The purpose of the programed was not only to enhance the students' English Language skills to complement learning in their chosen fields, but also allow understanding and execution of language itself to oral and written communication. The secret behind the achievements of CfL is its great teamwork. Speaking about this very young team, academic coordinator, CfL Ivan Shafaat Bari says,'' We have a group of young people at CfL who are always open to new ideas''.

Ranak Martin

The determination and perseverance projected by the team proves that CfL has been successful in advocating for the fun and excitement that language learning leads to. Other languages made available to the learners in the center are Bangla, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Italian and French. The centre offers regular classes for university students and evening schedules for professionals. CfL specialises in four modular courses from intermediate to advanced level students and three higher-level courses for advanced students only. The entry level course more popularly termed as module 3 is designed for intermediate level students to help them master all four language skills-listening, speaking, reading and writing. The next level, module 4 is for students who have a proficiency of upper intermediate level. It takes care of pre-writing process, coherence and unity, descriptive, narrative and argumentative writing. Module 5 works on developing critical reading and academic writing skills of the learners. Lastly module 6 exposes students to the essential conventions of academic writing.

Altogether the center offers seven different courses including the pre-university courses. It is a twelve weeklong intensive programme, which inspires holistic approach based on critical thinking and inquiry.

More on the lifeline of the centre, Director Syeda Sarwat Abed, CfL faculty members and staff make it a part of their daily routine to motivate to learn from each other. As part of his earlier conversation with Star Campus Ivan revealed that ''It is our interactive teaching method that helps us stand out''. On a different note he adds,''Unfortunately people in this country are not motivated enough to come and learn a language for experience which is why they only sign in for the courses based on need.''

The centre practices reflective teaching as they observe each others' classes throughout the semesters and return their ideas and thoughts in weekly meetings. They talk about their classroom experiences leading to solve many problems. They also weigh up students' overall progress and ensure additional help and later select them for tutorials. Materials used in classrooms in the center are rich texts developed through research books being the primary source. Dr.Michael G. Kossivas, the first co-ordinator designed the initial curriculum for the center. Over the years CfL's faculty members have been continuingly working to contributing to the effective curriculum that amplifies the success and growth of the centre.

CfL will be operating the BRAC University Writing Centre (BUWC) with an objective to help students prepare their term papers, technical write-ups, project reports and other writing assignments related to their disciplines. The objective of BUWC is to promote students to develop their writing skills. The Gorge Washington University Writing Center, USA, has agreed to collaborate with the BUWC to aim for excellence in academic writing.

CfL also puts together annual events like the Chinese New Year festival and activities like T-shirt designing, debating, quiz competitions, creative writing sessions and drama performances.


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