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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 41| October 24, 2010 |


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Fête Foraine

Sabrina Rowshan Zaman


North South University has done it yet again. The NSU Club Carnival 2010, held on October 9 in their campus at Bashundhara has raised the bar once more and has created a new benchmark for future carnivals. NSU Club Carnival 2010 served to be another success story for the institution where all eighteen clubs of NSU participated to create a truly magnificent event. This year's carnival included a wide range of activities, such as competitions, games, comic acts along with a magic show, drama, live music, a creative fashion show, and spectacular fire spinning and laser shows. The arts and crafts involved in the carnival were a tender mix of heritage, diversity and creativity.

The NSU Club Carnival is one of the most anticipated annual events at North South University. It helps bring students from various clubs to work together as a team to create something sensational. It has been said that two heads are better than one. Well, for this carnival there were almost three hundred people, including the organizing committee, the executive body of every club, members and some volunteers who had worked together as a team for months, synergizing to transcend the event to something that is truly remarkable.

After the Chief Guests and speakers had arrived, the carnival began at around 12:00 pm with the rhythmic beats of a 'dhol.' A giant, 45 foot long multicolored snake, made by NSU Canvas was carried by most members from all eighteen clubs from the NSU cafeteria to the main stage where the Chief Guests and speakers were seated. All members from different clubs holding the snake wore vibrant coloured masks, creating the true carnival look.

A giant 'rajar' mask, which was basically a mask that resembled a King's face, also made by NSU Canvas, was also carried the main stage. The Honorable Chairman of the NSU foundation, Mr. Azim Uddin Ahmed, then inaugurated the carnival.

Honorable Vice Chancellor, Dr. Hafiz G.A Siddiqi, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Dr. SAM Khairul Bashar and Club Coordinator, Dr. Abul L. Haque, spoke at the event where they expressed their own thoughts and feelings regarding the carnival. Later on, they visited all eighteen beautifully decorated stalls that represented each club of NSU. They also visited the exhibitions put up by different clubs in the cafeteria and the recreation room.

This year's club carnival revolved around the theme of an umbrella. The umbrella was a symbol of unity amongst the clubs of NSU. Each club showed its own strength and in its own way, brought something new and exciting to the event.

Photos: zubair bin hanif

After the inauguration of all the clubs and the club carnival, a presentation was shown which introduced all eighteen clubs of NSU. Following the presentation was an amusing hotdog eating competition, which was introduced by North South Universitiy's English Club. After the competition, there were two very entertaining comic acts by renowned comedians, Yamin Khan and Max Mystel. Max Mystel's comic act also included a magic show.

The next segment consisted of a heart-warming drama created by NSU Social Services Club. A few underprivileged children from the JAAGO Foundation performed in it. The drama basically stressed on two of the most pressing issues of our times: acid attacks and eve teasing.

After the enlightening drama, the Earth Club of NSU presented their 'GO GREEN' fashion show, which was based on the innovative and creative concepts of recycling common house-hold items. It highlighted the fact that our Earth has limited resources and we ought to use them conservatively.

Next up was a very entertaining cultural show by NSU Shangskritik Shongothon. The fashion show highlighted the various features of the culture and traditions of Bangladesh. Following the cultural show, NSU Computer Club presented the audience with a magnificent and breathtaking laser show, which completely left them awestruck.

After that, came a phenomenal and jaw-dropping show of extreme talent that left the audience catching for their breath. The act, dangerous yet thrilling, was that of the ancient art of fire spinning by certain adept professionals. This impressive act is sure to stay in the minds of all those who were in attendance.

The carnival finally came to an end with unforgettable performances by some talented bands of NSU, who did a fantastic job charging up the audience and keeping them on their toes. The crowd's enthusiasm was further intensified when the renowned band, Artcell, performed on stage. The venue rang out with the chorus of several hundred people as the crowd sang along to some of their popular numbers.

Each member of all eighteen clubs of NSU and their faculty advisors played an integral part in keeping the theme of the carnival flowing in a uni-directional pattern. Having a common vision, each club used their own strength and combined their efforts to create a wonderful evening. Sheer determination, shared interdependence on one another and the effort to create something great helped make the experience an unforgettable one.

(The writer is a student of English, North South University.)


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