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     Volume 2 Issue 41| October 24, 2010 |


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UFA Youth Nations' Cup 2010

Underground Football Association (UFA) successfully organised UFA Youth Nations' Cup 2010 from 14-16 October. It was one of the most anticipated tournaments after the UFA Champions League VI.

UFA Youth Nations' Cup 2010 is a sixteen-team tournament, where the teams are divided into four groups. The participants of this match were from a variety of universities and schools, namely: Mastermind, Sunbeams, Aga Khan, ISD, Mapleleaf, NSU, IUB, AIUB, BRAC, and BUET. The best 8 teams from the first round (Group Stages) of the tournament qualify for the knockout stages and the rest battle for the Plates Championship. The winners of both the competitions then fight for the ultimate glory, which is The Youth Nations' Super Cup 2010. The Super Cup title gives the Plates Champion another chance to prove themselves by competing against the best team of the tournament.

Seven Nation Army (winner of the UFA Champions' League IV), FC Underground (Defending Champion of the Youth Nations' Cup), Scoregasm (Runner up of Armed Forces Football Tournament 2010) and Vampires FC (Winners of the UFA Cup 2009) were the favourites to win the tournament, after which they were placed in four different groups.

After the end of the group stages, FC Underground and Seven Nations Army successfully managed to grab all 9 points with style from the three group stage matches, and Scoregasm dropped to 2 points, but still managed to qualify for the next round as group leaders. While the three favourites were comfortably through to the next round, Vampires FC got lost in the crowd. They lost in all the three group matches, failing to score any goal but conceded five, and thus didn't qualify for the knockout stages. This was the biggest disappointment of the tournament. Lights Off FC, a new team in the Underground from BUET, qualified as group leaders from that group.

The group leaders dominated the quarter finals but Seven Nation Army was knocked off by FC Renegades, who then joined FC UnderGround, Scoregasm and Lights Off FC in the semi finals. According to the fixtures, the two favourites had to confront the semis where Scoregasm defeated FC UnderGround, and Lights Off FC had beaten FC Renegades, paving their way to the finals.

The final encounter between Scoregasm and Lights Off FC was equally balanced. But Scoregasm scored a goal just a few minutes before the referee blew the final whistle, securing the UFA Youth Nations' Cup 2010 title.

On the other end, the teams who could not qualify from the group stages were competing for the Plates Championship so that they get a second chance to prove themselves by facing the Youth Nations' Cup 2010 title holders.

A newly formed team in the Underground, Munitions FC, managed to beat all their opponents, showing true sportsmen spirit. The team was not only the UFA Youth Nations' Plates Champions, but was also a contender of the Youth Nations' Super Cup.

In the final match of the tournament, the Plates Champions Munitions FC took full advantage of the UFA's newly introduced tournament format by defeating the tierd Scoregasm team, who are the actual winners of the UFA Youth Nations Cup 2010, and won the ultimate glory, that is the UFA Youth Nations' Super Cup.

Along with the three titles, five individuals also received honours from the UFA: Mishak (Top Scorer Scoregasm), Armahn (Best Defender - Scoregasm), Popin (Best Under-18 Player FC UnderGround), Safwan (Best Play Maker - Scoregasm) and Skib (Best Saves - Diavola).

Courtesy: Underground Football Association (UFA)


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