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Linking Young Minds Together
    Volume 3 | Issue 06 | February 13, 2011 |


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170 years of Dhaka College

Maleeha Mazen Khan

Courtesy : DC

With the initiative of inspiring students, to push them towards success, and to make them realise who belonged to the very same institution as they are, so that they can identify their capabilities, Prof. Dr. Ayesha Begum the Principal of Dhaka College thought of conducting the celebration of Dhaka College's 170 years of achievements along with the anniversary.

Professor Dr. Sultana Nigar Chowdhry, chair of the History department said that the celebration of the 170 years completion was an inauguration of their year long programmes too. Every month, students of Dhaka College will be inclined to perform in cultural programmes, showcasing our culture and morals. “Gratified 170 years” as titled, was held on January 27 in the premises of Dhaka College. The Education Minister of Bangladesh, Mr. Nurul Islam Nahid was present as chief guest, while Barrister Sheikh Fazle Nur Taposh, an ex-student along with Secretary of Education Minister Dr. Kamal Abdul Naser Chowdhury were special guests.

Singing the National anthem, presenting the march past and walking the rally was how it started. After the opening speeches, the students performed Bratachari dance, a form of Bengal's folk dance that is performed with songs like Kirtans etc. However, the main purpose was something which most of the professors and the Principal herself wanted was to bring out the best in the students of Dhaka College. Humayun Ahmed, a great writer of fictions and author of famous novels like Nondito Noroke, was a student of Dhaka College himself. Some of other notable individuals are Abdullah Abu Sayeed, Shaukat Osman, Akhtaruzzaman Elias, Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, and many more who has been contributing to the rich literature of Bangladesh.

Literature was the consistent theme of the function. As Professor Dr. Nigar said, this year long event will be having subjects to be discussed amongst the students, so that they can be aware of the college's heritage, and realise what and where they belong.

In the event, some of the successful alumni members were present. They reminisced their days in Dhaka College and what it meant to be a part of it. 'Pride' is a very strong word, it emphasises a person's possession, which is praise worthy and is equivalent to one in a million for that person. As Dr. Ayesha Begum said, the purpose of organising this cultural programme and educing the remarkable ex-students was just so that the students can see and be inspired. Her belief is that, all her students are vessels of creativity and excellence, a little motivation and appreciation will push them to what they deserve, and just as similar as the ex-students, who are either working for the government or has been contributing to science, literature, etc.

“I may not be here forever, but for the time that I will be in Dhaka College, I will put all my knowledge, devotion, and effort in making the best out of my students,” said Dr. Ayesha Begum. She included that she will try and come up with programmes where not a single student will be ignored.

This day long programme, “Glorious 170 years” served the purpose well that it was set forth for. The motivating speeches by Mr. Nurul Islam, Sheikh Fazle Nur Taposh, and Dr. Kamal Abdul Naser got the students aware of what they can possibly do with their earned knowledge.

The whole event was just a mere thought that was initiated by Dr. Ayesha Begum, and soon was possible to conduct with the help of the faculties who did their best to make it a success.

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