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  Volume 3 | Issue 06 | February 13, 2011 |


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Be Date Ready

Sheemtana Shameem

courtesy : life style

It's Valentine's Day and you have it all planned out for your special someone. You have bought the gift, decided on where you are going and what music you want to play in the car. But wait, have you thought of what you are going to wear? If you are one of those people who think that it shouldn't matter what you wear in front of your girlfriend/ boyfriend and believe that if they do care about the way you dress up they are being superficial, then let me tell you this: There is nothing superficial in putting an effort to dress up for someone, rather it would make them feel special that you did it for them. Let's get down to it then and get you all ready for the special date on Valentine's Day.

Men struggle the most with dressing up for a date so I want to start with them. Firstly, boys you really want to think about where you are going. If it's a day outing then you want it to be semi casual. This means you can't be too casual i.e. show up in your everyday worn out jeans and your staple black t-shirt. Instead, put on the darker denims, maybe a white shirt tugged out. You could also wear polo t-shirts, as they are one of the best semi casual elements. You can wear either the shirt or the polo in a variety of colours, my favourite pick is blue since most shades of blue seem to work fantastic; electric blue, navy blue or even baby blue. Another colour you can try out is purple. The layered look will never fail you on a date, and since the weather is still pleasant you could put on a contrasting tee-shirt inside your shirt without breaking into a sweat. Make sure not to wear red just because it matches your girlfriend's kameez. Give it a rest and don't wear red at all this year!

courtesy : life style

In terms of shoes and accessories make sure to keep it very neat. Don't show up on the date wearing the dusty sandals that you wear all the time, instead take an effort to put on a pair of clean day shoes or sneakers. Have a cool belt, and make sure the buckle is not too much. A big stone studded eagle on your waist is definitely distracting on your special day! Since boys don't really have too many options when it comes to accessorising you should focus on paying more attention to the few accessories that you put on. One such essential element is your watch. Invest in a good watch, it doesn't have to be super expensive, but not necessarily cheap either. Oh yes, make sure to have a trendy wallet in your pocket that you would take out to the pay the bills. Don't overdo your hair with gel and spikes; instead shampoo and brush it out and let it dry into a natural soft do that will do wonders for you.

Well girls, since your dates are all ready now, it's time for you to decide on your pretty ensemble for the day. Again, my advice is to avoid matching with your man, and sticking to your own colours and couture. In most countries 'the cute dress' with ballerina pumps is the ultimate date look, however taking into account that it's Dhaka, you could translate that into the 'cute shalwar kameez'. I would suggest you refrain from the dark colours for this day, yet not overdo the reds and the pinks. Yes it's all about being girly, but hot pink, magenta and bright red are colours you definitely want to avoid on this particular day to avoid being stereotyped. Go for pastel hues like lilac, lavender, lemon, pale blue, powder pink etc. This gives you a mellow romantic outlook that is perfect. Georgette and chiffon dupattas work best in these colours, so combine them with your cotton kameezes with crochet borders. I would ask you to avoid wearing chiffon or silk kameezes, since they don't look too comfortable or neat on your date. If you want to wear a top, then choose one that has a girly feel to it. A flowing top with cute floral prints or light coloured shirt with lace trimmings would look absolutely fabulous when combined with a pair of skinny trousers. You want to lay off the jeans for this day, and go for lighter day trousers to go with your top. If you want to wear a sari, make sure you choose a soft shade in a manageable material, because you will spend the entire day in it. My honest advice would be to reserve it for a formal dinner date.

courtesy : life style

You would want to wear pretty sandals or ballerina pumps and also make sure to get a pedicure before hand. Try to keep your accessories to a bare minimum. A sleek watch, pair of studs on your ears, maybe a simple chain around your neck and a ring or a simple chained bracelet is ideal. You really don't want to wear dangly earrings or oversized jewellery. The key is to look effortlessly pretty. Keep your makeup really light, since you would want to flaunt your natural beauty. Nude makeup is the fashion tip this Valentine's Day, so line your eyes with a thin black liner without creating a flick, put on a light coloured lip stain or lip cream, and dab some rose pink blush, paint the tips of your nails white and you are all set. Oh and one last thing, don't iron your hair flat, rather condition it and keep it natural. Leave it down on your shoulders and complete your look with a low key shoulder bag.

So, happy Valentine's Day everyone, hope you all have a great time!

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