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Linking Young Minds Together
 Volume 3 | Issue 10 | March 13, 2011 |


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Star Chat

Chasing Dreams

Actor Suborna Mustafa
talks to
Salman Rob

Photo: Star File

I felt like a small fish in a big ocean when I joined Dhaka University (DU) where I majored in English Literature. But eventually I settled down. I was like any other student, attending classes regularly, going out with friends to movies and having 'Chotpotis'. When in university, I always made it clear that my friends came first over me being an actor or a star. Even to teachers, I was always nothing more than an ordinary student and they were proud of me for that and my behaviour. And yes! I did get my share of punishments like any other students.
The first thing that hit me after joining Dhaka University was the noise. There were students everywhere. That was a great experience for me; I got to meet a lot of new people and make new friends.

I personally think that when a student gets into a University; he/she starts being more responsible and gets stronger mentally day by day, as I did in my university life. And it depends on who you are and who you want to be. If you are focused, there is nothing in the world which can stop you from doing just that.

One of the funniest incidents happened in university right before my Masters final exams. I got this letter from the office regarding my enrolment which I had forgotten to take care of. Later on, the people from the bank helped me out with it and I was able to sit for my exams. And a very sad period was around February 1983 at Fulbari; a truck deliberately ran over a bunch of students of the University. Afterwards, I was out with other students protesting against the police over this incident.

I was 16 when I did my first film. But when my first movie came out after joining University I felt like the coolest person around! And I was treated that way. It was released at Balaka, and back then, the movie theatre was just another place students would go to every now and then.

One of my true inspirations would definitely be Professor Syed Manzurul Islam. He was someone I had always looked up to as a very stand-up figure and a very well spoken person. Other than that, he was an excellent teacher and very down to earth. He had the ability to reach out to his students not only as a teacher but as a friend as well. A teacher who defended his students no matter what, a person I can never forget.

Campus life is something you'll only get once in a lifetime, either you pass and make the most of it or you fail and just stay there. It is a place where you get the chance to learn and live life with a whole new approach; it is a place where you get to decide who you are going to be ten years from now. You will get the chance to get into sports, cultural events and many other extracurricular activities that you will enjoy through connecting with people. But whatever happens, at the end of the day never stop focusing on your dream. Chase your dream and become what you want to be. That way you can have the opportunity to spend the rest of your life cherishing it.

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