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Linking Young Minds Together
 Volume 3 | Issue 13 | April 03, 2011 |


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United we Stand!

Nabila Rahman and Syed Anwar Shams

It was on March 14, 2011, when the roaring Tigers took on the Flying Dutchmen in the world of cricket. With the spirit of the game in the air as an added advantage, the Sports Club of North South University managed to unite the students, the teachers and everyone around, with an invincible bond of patriotism and the crazy love for the game of cricket.

With the ICC World Cup fever in every corner of the country, North South University Games & Sports Club (NSUSC) decided to show the game on campus on a projector screen. As scheduled, the game of Bangladesh versus the Netherlands was screened at the Grand Plaza on campus sponsored by Airtel. Within minutes of the game, the place was packed with people and the sheer number of students in thousands brought the feel of a stadium on campus. A few latecomers, though late by an hour (considering this to be in terms of cricket hours), they had to resort to standing just for a better view. Moreover, to heighten the festive mood that already prevailed, it was only fitting that most classes were cut short for a day so that students and teachers alike could join in the storm that swept the nation for hours. The place was buzzing with optimism and a few early wickets just added to it.

The enthusiastic crowd cheering for the Tigers.. Photo: Shuvo

We all know how the game turned out at the end of the day. Every single moment of the enthralling match that exhibited brilliant bowling, batting and fielding by our beloved Tigers were cheered by the students in a manner unlike any other. It was good to see teachers joining in and enjoying the match with the students. Our very own Muneem Sir thanked the club and Airtel for organising the event and hoped to see many more occasions like this in the future while Zubair Sir commented, “It was a stadium experience outside the stadium.”

Tashfeen Sir appreciated the fact that the teachers got this rare opportunity to enjoy the game with the students. Such encouragement from teachers fuelled our enthusiasm during the event. With face painted in red and green,flags waving in the air, it was a rare sight one would see on a school ground. Combine that with the thumping songs of Mila and other celebrity-singers, this was the place to be.

The tournament is over by now, where we have won a few and unfortunately also lost a couple. But what the spirit of a game never fails to do is instil inspiration and patriotism in one's heart. But, sadly, this only lasts for a very short time and as much as a sports club might try and bring people together (and they plan to do for upcoming ICC matches as well), at the end of the day, it is up to us to make things happen, to hold on to that and propel ourselves to be better citizens.

NSUSC will keep on trying to do the same again -- merge the best of sport and youth. The club envisions a future where Dhaka is the centre of sports activities where existing universities compete to claim the title of the best sporting institution in this city. Organising and hosting the Inter-University Table Tennis tournament was just a stepping stone for the club and to the club's delight the event was a great success. In the end there are official winners and losers, but to the club there can be no losers when it comes to sports. After all, NSUSC's services are solely rendered for the interest of NSU students and as well as its administration. That day is not far when leagues and tournaments in football, cricket and other sports are commonplace and can prove to be the breeding ground for future sports stars. NSUSC wishes to increase their operations by a liberal amount provided the management and administration cater the support as a helping hand as they always have since its inception in May 15, 1995.

The effort to bring such an event to life was worthwhile, all thanks to the enthusiasm and relentless support from the entire student and teacher body of NSU and the club hopes that this is just the beginning of more exciting things to come.

(The writers are students of North South University and members of the NSU Games & Sports Club).

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