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Linking Young Minds Together
   Volume 3 | Issue 13 | April 03, 2011 |


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Campus Edibles

Food, Adda, Memories: CAFÉ BUET

Fauzia Sultana

When one comes across the word 'Campus' the thoughts that ought to come to mind are quizzes, unbendable teachers, face-booking during the soporific classes, classroom flings and so much more to mention. But the one thing everyone remembers for life is the 'campus addas'. Adda is what makes the hectic campus life ever so colourful and interesting. And of course, any adda is incomplete without the yin-yang (complementary) combination of chitchats and food.

The savours of Cafe BUET.

All work and play.
Students at the food counter.
Food tickets at the cafe.

Every university campus has its cafe or canteen, serving its own style and flavour of campus cuisine. Likewise BUET has its own café -- the famous BUET Café. Here, one will find a wide range of food starting from munchies to tummy filling main courses. If you are one of those who cannot eat early in the morning either because you feel nauseated or you are not an early riser, Buet Café serves you with a filling morning nashta (breakfast) -- parata, daal and bhaji or khichuri with an omelette. To fill your tummies during the short class breaks, there are the takeaways like gorom shingaras, samosas, dim chops and a special jaali kabab. Of course, it would be unjust to not mention the coffee and BUET cha that you can sip on your way back to class. During the brunch addas, it is scenic to see students play cards with chotpoti or phuchka on their tables and either cha or fresh fruit juices to relish with.

The lunch break is what everyone looks forward to during the long day. The café is crowded with students, junior and senior. Some of them may be busy completing their due assignments, some busy throwing aces of hearts or spades, while some surf in their laptops at the wi-fi zone in the café. Some are also seen outside the café on the auditorium stairs or at the Rag Corner, leisurely spending their lunch break. The menu for lunch is diverse. Some may eat mach-bhaat or bhorta-bhaat, while others may have the mughlai chicken biriyani or tehari. And those, who want to treat themselves to the Bangladeshi version of western food, eat pizzas, sandwiches or rolls at the café. The crazy Iron Maiden number or famous tracks from the young Bangladeshi bands that burst out of the speakers at the café seem to rid the students of their weariness and reluctance to go to class again. After the long one and a half hour lunch break when it's time to run back to class, students don't usually mind a cup of tea to chase the sleep away during the long after lunch sessions.

The evenings at the BUET Café are rather a celebration. After the day's hustle and bustle, the students refresh themselves at the café with a few turns of cards or simply 'addafying'. Whatever it may be, students make it a point to not miss the mouth watering evening munchies and spicy snacks at the café. The munchies and snacks include peyaju, haleem, corn soup, chaap and luchi, mushroom pakora and not to mention all the gossips that students have stored for the entire day! Well those who do not wish to stick to the BUET premises, stroll out on the campus street and find a variety of junk food like the spicy egg noodles, bhel puri, muri bhaja or anarosh bhorta (mashed pineapple) and much more.

Campus cafés and their food are as much of a part, in a student's life, as grades and lectures are. It builds a sense of belonging to the campus and its people. It relates to one of the many chapters of our memories. And every campus café has its own specialty, be it khichuri or just the simple cup of cha.


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