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Linking Young Minds Together
    Volume 3 | Issue 15 | April 17, 2011 |


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Silly Tales

Unorthodox Graffiti

When we were in the 9th grade, a couple of my friends and I were the ultimate 'bunkers'. We would barge into school in the morning, keep our bags somewhere out of sight in class and pretty much spend the rest of the day playing basketball or badminton. There were around six or seven of us that would always end up missing almost all the classes. One fine day we decided to do some 'graffiti work' on the walls. To our dismay, we didn't have any spray paint. I remember coming up with the idea of tearing leaves from trees and drawing on walls with the icky green colour. We wrote all across school that day. The next day, I had come down with a fever and had to miss school. After school hours were over, I got at least ten calls from all of my friends saying, "Did you KNOW we were going to get into trouble today?! Is that why you didn't show up??!" The funniest part was that the school authority was not even aware of the fact that I was involved. Not like I mind!

Maleeha Mowla
Maple Leaf International School

Bollywood Influence

Back in grade 6, we used to have the craziest Physical Education classes with lots of volleyball, football, badminton, basketball and dodge ball to play. One fine day, we were practicing basketball, taking turns to pass the ball to each other in two lines. We went through it smoothly, until I realised that after the shuffling of the lines, the girl I had quarrels with in class was going to pass the ball to me next. And she did exactly as I had expected her to do -- threw it at me so hard, that it hit my chest and restricted my breathing. I, immediately, turned around and saw my best friend screaming my name and running towards me. Everything just seemed so slow. I suddenly, very dramatically, fell on my knees with my hand reaching out to her and I could see people running to rescue me in slow motion. All of a sudden, I paused between all the drama. Why? The whole scenario, SO BADLY, reminded me of a Shahrukh Khan movie. I started laughing. Eventually, of course, I fell unconscious after that. But I remember laughing hysterically before I did.

Danya Basher
Bangladesh International School
English section, Riyadh
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Facing Fatso!

I was always a rebel throughout my school life, even though I was no where close to half the size of the bullies. I just never backed down. And all that pride came when I was in kindergarten. Back then school was all about games and P.T classes, so my mother used to fill my bag with lots of food and I was a major target for all the fat bullies. One fine day on a break period, we were all in the field eating and playing when suddenly two 'fatsos' came to me and asked for my cold beef sandwich. I was really tired after playing for so long and the sandwich was what kept me going. I was not ready to give that up so I punched one of them. Little did I know that he had a loose tooth which fell out when I punched him! While one fatso started to cry, the other one ran away!! I felt like a hero for the whole day until they called my mother down to school and I got suspended for a week. This incident triggered the rebel in me!

Rahik Bin Haque
Golden Eagle School
Kindergarten school

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