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Linking Young Minds Together
   Volume 3 | Issue 16 | April 24, 2011 |


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Crossing to a Brave, New World

Sameeha Suraiya

“I'm about to walk free. Join me guys!”

“Dude, I do feel a little sad. It's all over, the mad dash to the canteen in between classes, the end of semester euphoria, all the excuses to stay out late pfft! All gone!”

“You think I look alright in this silly hat? I don't look like a scarecrow in this twice my-size gown, do I? I want my moment on stage to be perfect. I hope I don't trip.”

The conversation continued along with clicks on the camera combined with some more reflections bordering on the philosophical, and every so often, punctuated by whoops of joy. The 14th convocation of North South University declared a total of 1640 graduates in its Plaza on April 12, 2011. Gracing the momentous occasion were President Md. Zillur Rahman, Chancellor of North South University, Nurul Islam Nahid, MP, Ministry of Education present as the special guest, and Professor Sigmund Gronmo, Rector, University of Bergen, Norway, as the convocation speaker.

Graduates eagerly waiting to receive their certificates. Photo: North South University

The graduates led by the ushers took to their seats with nothing but beaming faces, while those receiving the Chancellor's gold medal took to their distinctive and well-deserved positions in the front. Triumph was what was etched on all the faces as the respective deans asked the new graduates to shift their tassels from the right to the left side of the hat, immediately upon which the hall burst out loud in cheers. Some may have taken the occasion as one that marked the end of gruelling exams and unfulfilling lunches in the canteen, but what was of more gravity about the day for all the graduating students was how it is a definite milestone that pointed to all that lay ahead. The President in his speech expressed his sentiments about the role that the young graduates have to take into account. Urging them to fight against social superstitions and religious bigotry terming these as major barriers to the country's development, he said, “You have to fight against them and create social awareness about these misconstructions.” Congratulating the new graduates, he called upon them to always uphold the national interests during their professional life without compromising with injustice and untruth. “Never forget the country and its people, wherever in the world you live in.”

Professor Sigmund Gronmo in his inspirational speech conveyed his heartiest congratulations saying, “After years of resolute hard work, enlightened guidance, and arduous training, the new batch of NSU students will now seek diverse and challenging professional careers. The NSU graduates, I hope, will play an important role in enhancing the progress and prestige of their country.” Vice Chancellor, Dr Hafiz G. A. Siddiqui and Chairman of Board of Governors, Azim Uddin Ahmed, also spoke on the occasion, extending their best wishes to the graduates.

Taha A. Razzaque, Nazrul Islam and S M Shahidul Islam received Chancellor gold medals while Tanima Ahmed, Upala Shafique and Sarwar Jahan received Vice Chancellor gold medals for their outstanding academic results.

Upon receiving certificates, hats were tossed in the air while countless hugs were exchanged. Cameras popped out and proud parents stood by, giving in to endless photo sessions. It was the perfect moment and for once, it would do no harm to lay to rest all obligations, forget the world with all its imperfections, as the graduates basked in the happiness of reaping their rewards. The tassel was surely worth all the hassle!


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