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Linking Young Minds Together
    Volume 3 | Issue 16 | April 24, 2011 |


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Silly Tales

A Basketball Blunder

It was a basketball tournament against the American International School. My team was leading but there was a turning point and AISD's team was behind us with only a difference of three points. It was probably one of my most embarrassing moments and silly at the same time, because the mistake that I made was out of a misunderstanding. It was, of course, unexpected from the apparent wise captain that I was during that time. What happened was, after half time, our scoring sides were switched which I missed out on and at a very intense moment I ran with the ball to the other side in order to score. While I ran, I could hear my team mates screaming out loud to stop, but thinking that they were cheering me on, I proceeded with the ball aiming at the hoop until the referee blew his whistle. Yep, not only was I making a back-court violation, I was about to score in my own basket!

Mazen Ali
Sunnydale International School, Dhaka.

The Chinese Encounter!

I like the idea of multiculturalism. The entire beauty of having to learn from people of other cultures is something you don't quite get in Bangladesh. As an international student studying in Australia I consider myself lucky enough to actually experience other cultures but it has not always been smooth. On my first year here to study A Levels at a college, we had to go through all these “getting to know each other” activities where each student is paired up with another and they talk about their backgrounds, history and so forth. I was paired up with this lovely Chinese girl. After the usual introductions and 'hellos', she asked where I was from. I asked her to guess, which was probably a big mistake! Her very first guess was Greece -- not Bangladesh, not India, not Pakistan or the other usual guesses, not even Malaysia but GREECE! After that, comes mistake number two. I ask her to guess a second time, and this time it was Brazil. From Europe to South America, bravo. So I replied, “Yeah Rio de Janeiro is really great at this time of the year…”

Tawsif B. Akkas
Curtin University, Australia

Firing it Up!

We had this teacher we used to HATE. We used to call him Bolla Sir (Bolla meaning bee. Bolla sir used to suck the life out of everything). He was so painfully annoying that I and a couple of my friends decided we had to do something to make his class a little more exciting. We gathered around 5-6 firecrackers and taped them under the table. One of us was at the lookout and as soon as he said that Bolla sir was on his way to class, we lit the firecrackers and sat down on our seats. By the time he reached his table and turned to the board, there was a HUGE bang! His face was covered with chalk and his hair was a mess. It was the best sight I had seen! Even though, later each one of us got punished by the headmaster, it was all worth it!

Anower Hossain Shabuz
BM Union High School

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