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Linking Young Minds Together
   Volume 3 | Issue 18 | May 08, 2011 |


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Working Online

Mohammad Ashiqul Islam

In this day and age, there are sites like Odesk.com, Freelancer.com and many others to get an online job and make money working at home. We can get full-time and part-time jobs that offer working at our own convenient hours. These sites are not associated with coding or IT jobs anymore. With a growing number of employers and job seekers, these sites now offer much more.

The amount of work we do is tracked; the time we spend to do a job is tracked. Our activities and work progress are under constant surveillance. Built in codes within these sites keep track of everything and prevents any online worker from wasting time, which makes employers more interested in hiring workers through these sites. Employers can offer the same or even more money per hour or per job because they do not have to pay any establishment cost, rent space for office, rent furniture or spend on decoration. They do not even have to pay an employee when there is no work for him to do and can get away with paying money just for the time he or she puts in. On the other hand, it saves time on the part of workers as well, as they do not have to waste time stuck in a traffic jam. It also saves communication expenses. They can have the most comfortable atmosphere around them at home while working, listening to music; having drinks and snacks whenever they want to and enjoy the comfort of staying close to one's family while working.

Home based work is bound to be the future of most official jobs. World population is increasing rapidly. We are already lacking natural resources to produce enough alternate energy for existing population. There will soon come a time in some countries when governments will be forced to encourage home based work, as it will definitely reduce fuel and electricity consumption. As the internet will grow more secure, robust, and speedier - home based work will become the most popular and most viable solution for any business in future.

Home based work has its bad sides as well. However, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages under the present situation of the world. If you do not have an online version of your business yet, it is time you start thinking about it -- making your services available online.

At the moment, home based work or online jobs are popular only in the more advanced countries. Developing countries like Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan will be benefited most if they can feed the huge workforce with online jobs. However, there are no websites to offer full-time or part-time online-based jobs to the huge workforce of these countries.

For example, in Bangladesh there is just one website (www.bdtips.com) which offers online earning to visitors, allowing them to earn money by writing articles. However, there are no websites or online businesses to offer different kinds of jobs that could be done on the internet. Consisting of almost one-fourth of the world population, the huge workforce of these countries requires websites like Odesk.com so that they can get full-time and part-time online jobs. The Government can also step forward and offer their jobs on those sites and let online workers bid for it.

(The author is Owner of www.bdtips.com, freelancer, Odesk Contractor.)

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