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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 3 | Issue 20 | May 22, 2011 |


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Defining Cool

RJ Sadia Binte Hedayet
Talks to
Rakibul Hasan

Courtesy : RJ Sadia Binte Hedayet

From a very early age, I have always wanted to do something different. I moved a lot with my parents when I was young, therefore I went to four different schools, starting from Our Lady Fatima Girls' High School, Comilla, followed by Dhanmondi Tutorial, Dhaka, Saint Joseph School in Abu Dhabi and finally the Aga Khan School in Dhaka. As I had to frequently change schools, I don't have many memories from the early days of my school. However, the Saint Joseph School in Abu Dhabi stands out in my mind as it was a whole new experience for me. I remember on the first day at school, I talked in Bengali with everyone without realising that they did not understand anything I was saying. I studied there till class five. I first started to experience the true campus life when I returned to Bangladesh and joined the Aga Khan School. The teachers were very friendly and supportive. However, I was one of the laziest students in my class. I used to bunk the physical education class regularly as I found the it very tiresome. I was not much into sports either. However, when it came to extra curricular activities, I was always the first one to show up. I was an active member at the creative writers club in school and I ended up winning prizes as well.

After graduating from the Aga Khan School, I joined BRAC University (BRACU). I got my BSS degree in Economics from BRACU. I loved my university life very much as it was for the first time I felt like an adult. I also made a lot of friends. During my first year in BRACU, I along with some of my friends brought a lot of flowers to campus on Pahela Falgun and offered the flowers to people almost randomly. Most of the people who got the flowers ended up being very good friends with us. The culture of extra curricular activities is quite strong at BRACU. While studying there, I and some of my close friends decided to come up with our own club. We started a club named 'Art Society' where students from any department could come to the club with their works and later exhibitions were arranged to showcase their art works. I still cherish the memory of 'Art Society' being awarded the best club during the annual club day at BRACU.

Today I am a Radio Jockey at Radio Foorti, one of the well known FM stations in Bangladesh. I was selected as an RJ while I was a student at BRACU. Though, at that time I had no clue about the profession, I decided to give it a shot as I was always up to doing something new. Eventually I started my first show 'Seven Eleven' and fell in love with my profession.

I believe that if we stay positive in our lives, we can also bring positive changes to our society. I would suggest the youth of today not to imitate others, but be themselves and do their best. As I have learnt, defining cool is actually being yourself and being confident.

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