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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 3 | Issue 20 | May 22, 2011 |


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Campus Edibles

IUT Cafe: Beyond the Usual Refreshments

Salman Rob

Islamic University of Technology (IUT) is by far, one of the biggest universities in Bangladesh. An all male university, it has a gorgeous campus, a paradise for those who are into sports. Like any other university cafeteria, IUT always has its cafeteria filled at all hours of the day. Since most of the students stay at the university dorms, the cafeteria is almost more like their living room.

Something different about IUT's cafeteria is that they cook up a different menu everyday. Usually the menu for breakfast is either bread butter, jelly, egg or tehari, khichuri and sometimes also parata, daal and shuji. For lunch, an option is there between normal rice or pulau, with which comes chicken korma, chicken curry, special daal with mango and salad. Students always wait for the lunch on Fridays. They claim it is one of the most popular meals. The biriyani is never missed by the students. And that's not it; Friday night dinner is as good as the lunch, fried rice or chowmein with chicken fry and mixed vegetables. Thursday night is 'munchies night' for food lovers with a different taste -- pasta or spaghetti.

Daily meals at the Islamic University of Technology (IUT). photo : Kazi Tahsin Agaz Apurbo

However, the cafeteria does not serve fast food or snacks excluding tea. But then again, there's the famous confectionary where one can buy almost everything a student needs starting from all types of drinks, chips, shingara, samossa, biscuits and a lot more. Shahin mama (as many of the students like to call him) is the man who sits behind the counter of the confectionary. “I try selling all my products below the actual market price so that the students can afford it,” he says. “As long as I see them happy, I am happy!” he adds. The confectionary is always filled with students even till 1 am or 2 am in the morning and when there are exams going on, Shahin mama keeps the store open till 3:30 am. There is a lichi juice that is sold at the confectionary, which is a must try for everyone who visits IUT.

IUT has a lot of foreign students, especially from the Middle East. It's amazing how they adjust so well with the Bengali students, the food habits and the culture. However, for their comfort, IUT cafeteria always has an optional meal for the foreign students -- naan, taandori chicken and other items that are prepared with less spice.

Compared to other universities IUT's food is pretty good but there is always room for improvement, in terms of hygiene and quality. In spite of that, if you are ever bored and need to relax in an open place, try calling up a friend from IUT and make plans. The lichi juice and the beautiful campus are bound to make you smile.



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