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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 3 | Issue 20 | May 22, 2011 |


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Silly Tales

A day worth remembering

When I was in Upper Kinder Garten, the most offensive thing you could say to your fellow classmate was call him/her 'stupid'. So, this friend of mine and I got into a quarrel and I called her, 'stupid'. She, of course, complained to our homeroom teacher and I got into trouble. She called my sister in to tell her that I used an offensive word. But it looked like a lot more than just that. They spoke for hours and I was scared as hell! The next morning my mom woke me up for school and dressed me up in a fancy white dress and I kept asking her not to since I was already in so much trouble! She didn't listen. I went to class that day and found the lights switched off. When I had turned the lights on, everybody jumped out from under the tables with a cake in the middle and screamed, "SURPRISE!" I didn't even KNOW it was my birthday! My teacher then told me that the reason my sister and she were talking for so long was because they were planning this surprise the whole time. The best part about it was, the friend I had called 'stupid' surprisingly became my best friend!

Meghna Khan
George S. Henry Academy, Canada

The Stink of Victory

I chose the Arts group in class 9, and needless to say, during that tenure of my school life, I had the best and the most creative friends in class with me. Munna, Rajiv, Tanvir, Rasel and I were the five inseparable friends who failed in Geography without a break!

Our teacher was extremely stingy when it came to giving out marks. So this one day, our teacher came in with our marks for the second term papers. Sitting in the last bench, we dreaded the moment when she would call out our usual scores along with some words of insult, and that too, in front of all the girls. Suddenly Munna, with a smirk, told us to relax, saying he had a plan to get the class dismissed. He brought out a tiny bottle filled with yellow water, which he said was brought from London. In a second, Munna burst the tiny bottle without making a sound just as madam was calling out the marks. Immediately the class was filled with the smell of 'poo'! Before we knew it, madam was rushing out of the class along with the rest of the students, except for the five of us who were laughing to stitches at the end of the classroom!

Asif Iqbal Chowdhury
PDB High School , Chittagong

'Permanently' Hilarious

It happened as we were waiting for the clock to strike 2. It was one of those drowsy spells in class when a teacher's lecture tends to fly way above the head. I scrambled to copy the indecipherable symbols on the board before the teacher could erase them. All of a sudden, the teacher turned towards us and cried out in an almost tortured voice, “It's not rubbing off!” Turning back to the board, he laboured after the stubborn words that just would not come off the white board. After some more seconds of fighting a lost battle, he repeated the obvious with an expression of pure bewilderment, “It's not rubbing off!” The brats that we were, the moment had us rolling in laughter. It turned out, a genius of a friend, in all his haste, had brought a permanent marker from the school office. With a valid excuse, we gladly left the class to launch a school-wide hunt for spirit that was finally provided by our school guard in the form of kerosene! And this, to our utter disappointment, ended the flurry of action that was a result of a genuine mistake on my friend's part, but one that gave us some memorable moments of pure amusement, and a break from a sleepy lecture.

Tahrima Ahmed
Anandaniketan, Sylhet

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