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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 3 | Issue 20 | May 22, 2011 |


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As Bold as the Summer Sun

Naziba Basher

Looking dramatic in yellow. Photo credit: Kazi Tahsin Agaz Apurbo

As summer arrives following the Boishakh celebrations, there's nothing better that greets the season other than colours. Bright and cheerful colours are known to bring out that very summery-feel that you wait for the entire year.

Oranges and yellows seem to have hit the campus with a refreshing splash this season. Both the colours are bold and make strong fashion statements. Yellow represents someone who is innovative and idealistic, whilst those who wear orange come out bolder, showing the extroverted and adventurous sides. As some are already pulling off these colours bravely, it still takes a little courage for others to make sure they look as ravishing as the summer sun when sporting these colours. Just as some women avoid wearing red, fun and flirty shades of oranges and yellows have always been considered risky colours in the young men and women's daily wear. However, a dash of exuberance here and there, in the form of accessories or signature pieces to brighten up a mellow wardrobe, does wonders for one's mood. Campus students across the country are now at their peaks on summer love and what better way to express it than wearing the colours representing the weather?

There are lots of do's and don'ts when it comes to such bright colours. Firstly, pale yellow or orange outfits can make one's skin look washed out if worn with the wrong complexion. Add warmth by choosing a creamy shade. These fashion colours pair well with charcoal grays, deep browns, purples and blues. The warmth of orange is really flattering next to most faces, making them glow; but be careful not to go over-the-top. There are various shades ranging from mango to a lighter melon shade, and then gravitating to brick-coloured orange-browns. Oranges tend to suit olive-skinned women, although those with pale skins can go for a lighter, less vibrant shade, like a creamy melon orange. This colour looks good on women with light coloured hair and tawny skin. Women with brown hair, brown eyes and olive complexions look wonderful in vibrant mango or tangerine shades. Tropical tones, reminiscent of sunsets, will bring out the colour in dark eyes.

Whether it's subtle lemon, daffodil, gold or honey, there is enough variation in colour tones to match all skin types. Yellow radiates the light and really gets one noticed. Warm, golden yellows like honey or caramel, best suit those women with light coloured (natural or dyed) hair, dark eyes, and yellowish-brown skin tones. These warm undertones lift the complexion, whilst pale pastels can make ones skin look pallid. Women with lighter skin can safely carry off the lemony, golden tones. Women with dark features generally look dramatic in yellow, as against their skin, it appears elegant rather than gaudy.

When it comes to just accessorising in summer colours, make sure your outfit complements your accessories. If you're planning on carrying a yellow handbag and sporting some funky yellow jewellery, it is best if the colour of your outfit is as compatible with yellow as purple. Purple and yellow are almost made for each other. Similarly, if your favourite accessories for the day are shades of orange, then it will be best if you choose an outfit that is blue. Blue and orange complement each other as good as butter and jam, no kidding! Wearing clothing and accessories of the same colour, especially such striking shades, will only make you look a little odd. So, try and mix up and find good abstract combinations out of your outfits.

Orange and yellow are two of the most vibrant colours in the summer palette, lifting the spirits and brightening up a rainy day. Wear them with care, find the right shade for yourself and you are ready to walk out that door as bold as the summer sun!

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