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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 3 | Issue 23 | June 12, 2011 |


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Silly Tales

An Odd Bazaar

We went to field trips almost twice every year from school. So in the winter of 2009, our school planned a field trip to Chittagong. The fun part about the field trips was being put into teams, doing tasks and winning points. The clues and instructions were given by the organisers before the race -- where to go and what to do. The race started, and the organiser was late so everyone had to call him over the cell phone to know where to go. "Your next clue is at Shashuri Bazaar.” None of us knew where Shashuri Bazaar was and everyone gave each other weird looks. Eventually we started thinking why would there be a Shashuri Bazaar? I mean seriously, a mother-in-law market? So, we called the organiser again and asked him if he was sure that it's Shashuri Bazaar, and even he laughed and said he meant 'Chaturi Bazaar,' Ever since then, I have always been convinced of my hearing problem!

Amna Samad
Manarat International School, Dhaka

My favourite lab moment!

I was always a very irregular student back in school. So practical classes for me were almost nonexistent in my daily routine and bunking was a regular thing. It would be during exams that I had no other option and would have to go to class. Little did I know that our lab teacher was super bad with her English so, I took full advantage of that. As I entered the lab she came up to me and asked for my name to check my attendance. My attendance was 5 percent. She looked at me and asked, “Why no attend?” I kept quiet for a while trying to come up with something, eventually I ended up saying, “Miss, actually my dog died, that's why I couldn't come.” Surprisingly enough, she said “Oh! Okay!” and told me to sit for my test. After 5 minutes, my best friend came in and the teacher asked him why his attendance was so low, I jumped up and said 'Miss! His cat died!” and surprisingly, even he got excused!

Apurbo Ahmed
Oxbridge International School, Dhaka

Coming around

When I was six years old in kindergarten, I was very jealous of a girl in our class as she always came first in studies, games, art and cultural activities. Having failed to tolerate it any longer, I thought of making her a laughing stock during a cultural programme where both of us were to attend and recite poetry. Ironically, she got a seat beside me in one of the rows amongst the rest of the audience. When we all stood up to honour the chief, I pushed her chair back so that she would fall on her backside. As planned, the trick worked! When it was my turn to recite poetry, I missed out many lines and made a total mess, triggering laughter from the audience. I am telling you, what goes around, REALLY comes around!

Fabiha Zaheen Khan
Rajuk Uttara Model College, Dhaka

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