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 Volume 3 | Issue 25 | June 26, 2011 |


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Summer hits the campus!

Naziba Basher

Photos: Kazi Tahsin Agaz Apurbo
Models : Sadat, Diya, Cosmic, Orthi, Bari
Dia, Tousif, Tasniya, Towkir

"Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it."--Russel Baker

What comes to mind when one hears the word "summer"? - Sun? Water? Sea? Vacation? All these things that come to mind are right. However, when it comes to what you wear, summer also means a time for freedom. Clothes become really exciting and easy to choose. However, there are always trends to consider even if one is simply going to throw on an oversized t-shirt or a plain, sleeveless kurta. There are some clothes in fashion that one must be bold enough to wear, but there are also some easy trends that one can try out. One can adapt them to suit their own needs and taste. One can also define a new style by combining the right pieces. That's right! summer is one of the best seasons for fashion lovers!

Students find comfort in cool and calm colours, even under the sun.

Trendy summer colours are bound to make the heat more bearable.
Students refresh themselves with a splash of colour and sips of a cool drink.

July is on its way and summer will soon be at its peak. For the summer heat to be bearable, during those long hours of classes and traffic congestions, students have to know how to tackle the heat and humidity with comfort and ease. The time for your campus summer wardrobe is here; it is time for everyone to gear up and think of colours!

Nothing can hit the notes of summer better than bright colours. One has to be quite out of their minds (or maybe a little masochistic) if they are planning to dress in black. Common sense and physics state that black is one of the best conductors of heat. So, if you are not planning to fry yourself under the glaring sun, cool and calm colours are just what you need to keep yourself refreshed all day long!

Turquoise or blue color is reminder of calm, ocean waters, which definitely belongs to the summer palette. Exotic and lively shades of purple imbue magic, complementing most skin tones. Yellow is an indispensable colour of summer. Yellow speaks sunshine and denotes happiness and joy. Plum and ruby reds are a must for your wardrobe this season. Greens are all about nature and well being. Green in its pastel shades strike the perfect balance in these monsoon days.

Now that colour is sorted out, there is still a lot more to be taken into consideration while shopping for your summery get up.

Who can ignore the age-old denim jeans? In any day and age or season, a pair of jeans should never be left in the wardrobe. If one wants comfort and style to go hand in hand, jeans is what she/he needs. Boys can opt for the straight-cut jeans, teaming it with a bright coloured t-shirts. Denim shorts will also look brilliant with t-shirts. There is also a wide variety of shorts that are going to give the boys exactly what they want to tackle this weather. Checkered, sporty and whatever it may be, shorts are probably one of the finest inventions of summer style. Girls can bring out their skinnies and use them like they have never used them before! With cute, colorful t-shirts or maybe even an oversized one once in a while, one is bound to feel the summer love.

Girls can pair their jeans up with eye-catching colours.

If polo shirts could talk, they would speak nothing but style. For boys, without a doubt, polo shirts are the perfect apparel to go with jeans or shorts. And when you add a hint of bold colours like yellow or red, be sure that you will turn a few heads as you walk by. Apart from just polos, there are other t-shirts one can turn to. Beat the heat with refreshing colours in light material. As much as you love sport jerseys, do not wear them in this heat unless there is a game of your favourite team going on. If you do, you might want to prefer hanging around topless for the rest of the day. Now for girls, despite the fact that the patterns have been here since the days of our grandmothers, we can see its renewa.l Yes ladies, it is the timeless floral print. One can combine a floral print top with a solid blue pair of skinny jeans. Tie-dyed t-shirts are also very in since the 'retro' style has come back in recent years. Do not be afraid to don the bold and bright colours. You will feel the gush of confidence soon as you put them on.

Some girls, of course, may be eager to use the eastern look as their summer fashion statements. Sleeveless kurtas or fotuas may do the trick if paired up with a fashionable pair of jeans. Otherwise, a sleeveless colourful kameez with a pair of leggings (in black or white, or a contrasting colour) speak tons about comfort and style. Doja Market (opposite Dhaka College) offers a wide variety of trendy t-shirts, jeans, leggings, shorts and so much more that will perfectly fit your summer attire (and that too, at amazingly reasonable prices that students can easily afford). However, be prepared to have considerable time in your hands. You definitely need a few precious hours to fish out that perfect attire and some skilful haggling.

Shorts are a must-wear for boys this season.

A pair of sunglasses will enhance your summer look
Comfortable and trendy footwear will keep you cool all day.

You will find yourself cheerful for the rest of the day in comfortable clothes.

Daring colours like green and red will kick your fashion statement up a notch.

With the attire ready to hit the summer road, one will need the perfect pair of shoes to look the part. Flat sandals have been around for years. Pick the favourites in some summer colours, those that you can mix and match with your outfits. These sandals are available in almost all shopping malls starting from Tk. 150. More than good enough, right? Elephant road is the haven for shoes. Converse, flat sandals, flip-flops, vans, you name it. You can find almost anything to go with your summer outfit.

Of course, no summer is complete without ideal accessories. Colourful, plastic bracelets add to the summer spunk. One can also wear contrast coloured jewelleries of beads and metals. Sunglasses are a must to make a cool and suave fashion statement. Stores in New Market, Elephant road, Gawsia, Genetic plaza and some more malls around Dhanmondi are the ultimate places for one to find fun accessories. Piran and Jatra also have trendy and unique jewellery collections to pick out from.

Summer is here loud and clear and it is time for all the campus youngsters to make their seasonal fashion statement, even in classes! With a splash of colour and a hint of spunk one can make summer a favourite season! Beat the scorching heat and you can do it as fashionably as ever! Happy summer, everyone!

With a hint of a bold colour, a student grabs a quick summer cooler.
Summer colours will also brighten up a rainy day.


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