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Linking Young Minds Together
 Volume 3 | Issue 25 | June 26, 2011 |


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Silly Tales

Who's Your Daddy?

Back in school, the senior students used to boss around the junior ones. But it was always limited to funny things and never crossed the limit. While studying in Class 8, one day, as I was walking through the basketball court, I encountered a student who was much taller than I was. Thinking I was a junior for I was short for my age, he grabbed my collar and shouted, "Why are you loitering around, tiny!" He asked again, "What class?" Shocked by his action, I barely managed to blurt out, "Eight!” Suddenly, something strange happened. The boy's face turned blue. He released my collar and in the blink of an eye he was gone! Later that day, I got to know that he was a boy from Class 7, and since my height made me look much younger than I actually was, he thought I was a junior and tried being the 'big daddy' and bully me! But eventually he found out who the real big daddy was!

Jonayed Nasir Anik
Notre Dame College

Road Runner

It was the annual sports day of my school that was held at a stadium. We were grouped according to classes and ours was the first one to go. It was a 100 metre race where we had to compete against all the girls in our class. We were in position and as soon as the whistle blew I started to run with all my strength, leaving all the girls behind. However, as I neared towards the red lace ahead, I started day dreaming- how the principle would honour me with a medal. I was just a step away from the lace, when I closed my eyes, trying to feel the glory. I wanted to tear the lace apart but to my surprise I started to slow down and when I opened my eyes I saw the lace stopped me, and I sprang back on the ground, just like a sling shot. The whole stadium roared in laughter including my teachers. My competitors laughed so hard that they stopped running and fell on the ground. It was the most embarrassing moment of my life, a day I'll never forget.

Fahmida Chowdhury
QED Academy, Dhaka

The Big Plan

With the sudden increase in the study load in Class 7,things were getting tough. Our Physics teacher was the toughest and there could be no excuse for late submissions. But there were a few who still wouldn't do their work and thus had to endure many punishments. Once I had forgotten to do my homework and shuddered at the idea of his various punishments. But suddenly, an idea struck my mind. What if none of us submitted our tasks? He wouldn't get us all and waste his time, would he? So, I said this to my friends and they agreed. And surprisingly, our teacher didn't say anything. But the next day, all of my friends followed the same trick and I was the only stupid one to get the work done. Stupid, I must mention, because he did not fall for the same trick again and I was the only one who remained standing throughout the period even though I had done mine. And yes, I could have submitted it, but I did not for my friends' sake. But surely none of my friends followed any more of my plans EVER again.

Dipika Jannat Subah
Rajuk Uttara Model College, Dhaka

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