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Linking Young Minds Together
   Volume 3 | Issue 25 | June 26, 2011 |


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News Snap

US Students visit NSU

Students sharing their experiences.Courtesy: NSU

A team of 20 students including Giacomo Gambino, PhD, Professor of Political Science, and Department Chair and S Mohsin Hashim, PhD, Associate Professor of Political Science, and Director, Dana Scholars Programme, from the Muhilenberg College, USA visited the Department of Environmental Science and Management (DESM), NSU on June 8, 2011. Golam Jilani from Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies (BCAS) accompanied the team. The students' visit to Bangladesh was a part of their Sustainable Development course requirement to gather experience on Climate Change impact and Sustainable Development issues in Bangladesh.

Professor ATM Nurul Amin, Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences welcomed the team. Dr Md Sirajul Islam, Chairman of the Department and other faculty members as well as a number of graduate and undergraduate students of DESM were present as well. The Chair and faculty members of DESM shared their experiences and views regarding environment and climate change related issues with the team. Later the team visited departmental facilities and showed great interest in the activities of DESM and expressed their intention on future collaboration or student exchange programme. The team also met the Executive Body of the Earth Club, while Earth Club members demonstrated their activities briefly.

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