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Linking Young Minds Together
 Volume 5 | Issue 45 | July 10, 2011 |


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To be or not to be, that should not be the question

Abritty Abdullah

Doubt is what I see when I read my friends' statuses on Facebook. Confusion about everything is the trend of our generation. Whether it is about relationships or choosing the pair of shoes, Mr Confusion is always there in our struggle. I remember one of my school friends being confused about choosing which pen to write with before a test. There happen to be a number of people I know who kept rejecting marriage proposals and ended up single and searching forever. Confusion leads to frustration and from there destruction is bound to follow. I don't know why we tend to complicate the simplest of things. I have seen people who had tried to kill or hurt themselves which were, directly or indirectly, influenced by confusion and resulting in frustration. I guess at some point of our lives we sit around hopelessly trying to figure out what's wrong. Some of us get through it and some of us get into trouble. Drugs and attempts to suicides are the common traps. Being detached from our parents makes us cool and smoking sheesha in a lounge is posh! At the end of the day, we keep rethinking our actions and that is when the confused state kicks in, leading one to do something even more damaging. Torturing the so called love of our lives has become another time pass for my generation. Trust is most often, never there in a relationship and unavoidable arguments always linger on. Being in more than one relationship at a time is the fun thing. The best educational institutions of our country are known as the most happening place where anyone can 'have' anything at any time. This is just a general assessment of what we are actually doing to ourselves, our families and to our society. Our confused state of mind and our endless search for things better are pushing us towards uncertainty. Addiction, lust and greed are all around us. Yes, the forbidden things attract us the most and also, cause the most damage. Yet, why do we keep running behind them? Are the problems that push us towards these dark weapons for real? Or are they simply the products of our fatigued minds?

Young people in Bangladesh should be allowed to have the platform to be energetic and
expressive. Photo: Kazi Tahsin Agaz Apurbo

Problems with parents can definitely be solved with mutual understanding; lack of confidence can be overcome; relationships can be maintained and studies can be aced. We need to get the bigger picture of things. Are we justifying our lives or are we just letting it slip towards complete nothingness? Being sure of what we want should be the key to our lives not sheesha or cigarettes. Staying confused never helps. It is sad to see young, energetic lives getting so easily fooled by their own selves after engaging in things purely out of inquisitiveness. A beautiful life is a result of a few bold decisions. A goal is what we should have in mind and we need to keep running towards it until we conquer it. That is how life should be-- sure, sound and confident.

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