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Linking Young Minds Together
 Volume 5 | Issue 45 | July 10, 2011 |


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Young Voices

Sohel's Dream

Farhana Susmita

Sohel Rana. Courtesy: Farhana Susmita

Sohel Rana, a fourth-year student of the Department of English at Dhaka University (DU), is our classmate, friend. The first thing that comes to mind about him is his smile, which is always on his face whenever you meet him. We know him as the 'shy boy' of our class, always sitting at the back, calmly listening to class lectures. But what we did not know is that he has been suppressing a disease- chronic glomerulonephritis- in him for five years. The disease has damaged both his kidneys, which now need to be transplanted immediately.

We knew right from the beginning that under his ever-smiling appearance was hidden a pensive mood that at times left its mark on his face, despite all his efforts to erase it. In fact, what lay beneath his cheerful countenance was the complete opposite of his meekness his struggle, his determination that have been protecting a dream. He wanted to bless his parents with the happiness they always deserved, but never really enjoyed. He had several tuitions to support his father, who could not afford to bear the expenses of the family alone. He used to come to DU in the early morning by the university bus so that he could save some money. After classes ended, he went to teach and returned home late. He wanted to qualify in the BCS and work in the administration, thinking it to be the best way to fulfil his dream. All his dreams are about to shatter now, since his treatment cost, as the doctors say, amounts to 30 lakh takas. His father is a day labourer who works all day long to make ends meet. Needless to say, it is next to impossible for his family to manage such a hefty amount.

Everyday Sohel, who is now admitted in a hospital in Mirpur-2, is becoming weaker, everyday he is straying from his dreams. Everyday his parents, helplessly looking at their son who is turning into a veritable skeleton in front of their eyes, are praying for a miracle by which, they imagine, their son will be able to wake up healthy next morning, catch the university bus, join his friends at the department and finally come in the evening and tell his mother to warm up his dinner since he has been starving. But we know, like Sohel and his parents, that miracles do not happen. So what do we do now? Leave him in the hospital bed to die just for the lack of some numbers: 30 lakh.

He, like any of us, deserves a life to love and be loved, to care and be cared. Then why should it be wasted thus? We believe it will not. Therefore, we his friends are trying to the best of our ability to raise the required amount. We earnestly hope that this effort will not be limited to our department only, rather it will be extended to other departments of DU and other public universities as well. So friends, let's all come forward and do whatever we can to save Sohel and his dreams, because this is what he deserves from us as a friend, a companion and above all, a human being. Interested students can call at 01671181845 and 01914388211.

(The writer studies English at Dhaka University.)




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