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Linking Young Minds Together
Volume 5 | Issue 47 | July 24, 2011 |


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Silly Tales


When I was in class five, some of my friends and I, attended one of our school functions. We did not find seats because we reached late. Even then we enjoyed the function from the back. Suddenly, a girl, maybe 18 or 19 years of age, came and stood in front of us, blocking our view. I told her “Ei je apu, ektu shorey daran. Amra kichu dekhte pachchina.” (Sister, can you please move? We can't see anything). Smiling, she gave us the chance to watch. The next day, our principal came into our classroom and introduced us to our new Bangla teacher. When our new teacher entered we were shocked to see the same 'apu!

Sumaiya Hossen

The Sly Athlete

Our school was celebrating its 7th Annual Sports Day and all the enthusiastic students were huddled together, looking forward to the start of the auspicious event. Never did I have in my conscious mind the idea that I was competing amongst the school seniors. So a sly scheme prompted in my mind and without notice I signed up for all the events. Maybe I could be the jack of all trades, aces of none, but at least my opportunities widened. All the parents and chief guests were invited that day. I was lost in my imagination when our sports teacher marched towards me, grabbed me tightly and escorted me to the School Champion. He was to run around the field with a lit torch in honour of the event and his proud achievement. The next five minutes came to be the most embarrassing minutes of my life. The School Champ trotted proudly at the borders of the field while I tagged behind him carrying two heavy bricks held high in the air. The field being slippery, I slipped a couple of times which added to my embarrassment!

Omar Sadab Chowdhury
Presidency International School,

Football unapproved

I remember when I was in eigth grade, playing football with those tiny tennis balls was our main agenda for going to school. But sadly it was not allowed under school's jurisdictions. Our supervisors, however, did not mind us doing so but our vice principal strictly disapproved. All of a sudden, on a single magical day, our so thought wise supervisors came up with an idea to host a tournament for this “illegal” sport in our school with entrance money. They called all of us together and formed a huddle and declared it and also whispered that we cannot let our vice prinicipal know about this in any way. As foolish as we were, we agreed and on the next day we were there in our dirty little field with around 100 taka each. Later on, the tournament continued and also successfully ended with our vice principal having no idea about it. But our supervisor was cunning enough not to give the 1000 taka price to the winning team as they promised and kept it all for themselves. It obviously made us very angry and we later complained to the vice principle and the supervisors got fired afterwards.

Fayyaz Hyder
Maple Leaf International School, Dhaka


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