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Linking Young Minds Together
 Volume 5 | Issue 34 | August 28, 2011 |


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Let the DRUMS Roll

Elita Karim

This year we have many reasons to celebrate and witness colours in Dhaka! As we close in on Eid, thousands of youth in Bangladesh, along with the Star Campus team look forward to this day. The team members go crazy at the moment, trying to incorporate the last minute additions to the articles, look for photo credits, figure-out the un-readable hand written instructions from the authorities, grab some iftaar, and not to mention, finish up on their very own Eid shopping as well.

Another reason to celebrate is the completion of 5 years of the Star Campus! The team has witnessed the growth of this magazine from a handful of contributions to a regular flow of incoming articles. For the young team members, it has been a learning experience as well; visiting many campuses, talking to students, teachers and catching up with the youth on the streets.

For half a decade, students from different universities have been writing to us about what they see around them and what they feel. While some wrote about why they liked a certain Bangladeshi movie and the latest album launch of an upcoming young musician, many also wrote about the obstructions they faced while travelling on the streets, the disappointing transport system, on campus activities, international student exchange programmes, politics, education, technology and so much more. The recent addition of the page 'Silly Tales' also added a bit of humour to the Star Campus, while reading all about the funny incidents that happen to students inside their classrooms or on campus.

After the last brainstorming session that the team had, the Star Campus team has decided to take the next step and make several additions to the magazine. Firstly, we will soon start a page which will literally be a platform for your feedback, which will obviously include the students, teachers, parents and also the common human being who would like to voice out for the betterment of the common youth in this country. So, start sending us your letters and we will publish them! Secondly, we will have a bigger platform for the youth to speak about music, movies, technology -- and much more.

We would like to keep the Star Campus going strong for many more years to come and we would also like to have our readers supporting us the way you have been doing for the last five years. We, at the Star Campus team, would like to wish all our readers a very happy Eid and happy holidays. Keep reading the Star Campus and stay young forever!


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