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Linking Young Minds Together
    Volume 5 | Issue 42| October 30, 2011 |


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Star Chat

Dynamic and Thoughtful

Vocalist and Violinist
Mobassher Choudhury

Talks to

Saad Adnan Khan

When I was in The Aga Khan School (AKS), I was very pro-active and always looked for things to do. I was very active when it came to sports and cultural shows. Due to my active participation, I was in good terms with people from different batches. I graduated from AKS in the year 2006, but even after that I continued to organise their cultural shows for some time.

Photo : Mobassher Choudhury

Currently I am doing my Bachelors in Electronics & Telecommunications at North South University (NSU). From the beginning I have been involved with several clubs, but the cultural club, North South University Sangskritik Sangathan (NSUSS), has been my biggest platform. NSU has so many different kinds of people from different spheres of life. There is so much to learn here from the experienced and mature minds. I learned how saying “thank you” after your individual performance can break the flow of the entire show, which is an entire performance by itself.

It was in the year 2008 that the journey of Old school began. We have gone through many changes since then, regarding our band members. I don't like figuring out a specific genre for the band, because we do a lot of fusion, which can be referred to as “New age fusion”. We never do exact covers, because of the unique combination of the instruments of our band. We always came up with “our own” versions of the songs as tributes. Old school has composed seven original tracks so far, and they range from slow to fast numbers.

I never learned to play the violin in the “certified” way. The person I bought my violin from taught me a little bit about tuning, and the background knowledge I had on guitar and scales made me competent enough to work it out on my own. I have always loved to explore, for which I learned to play the violin by myself. I practice a lot and I believe I have improved a lot, and my loved ones hopefully overlook if I make mistakes! But I think anything is possible if you are determined.

Old school just won the “Airtel Young-star of the month” competition on Radio Foorti, for the song Aaj raate kono roopkotha nei. The song has beautiful lyrics written by Sakib, a senior friend from NSU. Also the song speaks on a personal level about relationships, for which people could really connect to it. I am so grateful for this platform, because we have fans outside Dhaka as well. We want everyone to listen to our songs -- starting from the Prime minister to a rickshaw puller! I want to use our platform to spread positive messages. People have thoughts, but they need to unite to voice out, and this was a platform that gave us the opportunity to voice out. I would just ask everyone to value their own lives, because remember -- people around you are blessed because of you. You can achieve true nirvana once you realise that.

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