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Linking Young Minds Together
    Volume 5 | Issue 47| December 11, 2011 |


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Cherishing Memories

Musician Karishma Sanu Sovvota
Talks to
Naziba Basher

COURTESY: Ishrat Amin Aurpee

I went to the Ispahani Girl's School from Grades 1 to 10. School was very monotonous for me. I was never fond of it. I used to like staying home a lot better than going to school. I hardly ever studied and often would get punished in class. I was a very lazy student.

During school days, I was more into extra-curricular activities. I used to debate, sing, write scripts, take part in theatre and I even started dancing for a while. Those were the perks of my school life.

The most hilarious incident was when I had wanted to go to the washroom during one class and the teacher knew that there was a big possibility that I would not return!So he did not let me go. The bad part was that I was ACTUALLY sick that day, and I really needed to go and freshen up! As much as I protested and kept telling him that I really had to go because I was beginning to feel nauseated, he kept yelling and saying things like, "I know you won't return! Go back to your seat!" And while he yelled at me thinking I was lying, I suddenly felt the urge to vomit and I did…ON HIM!

College life (Grades 11 and 12), for me, was much better! After joining Holy Cross College I started having the time of my life. I had gotten very busy and serious. The best part about Holy Cross is that they keep their students on their toes-- everyone has to study and take part in other activities at the same time, so we always had something or the other to do. Even though I spent a rebellious childhood, I had changed a lot because of Sister Shikha in Holy Cross. She, according to me, is the best woman I have come across. She had a very big impact on me. I achieved a lot more during the two years at Holy Cross than I did in my ten years at Ispahani!

After joining Dhaka University in the Music Department, I did not really face a lot of hurdles and pressure. It was probably because most of the lessons coincided with elements I was and am familiar with and enjoy doing and learning. The work load had definitely decreased. I usually go to university in the morning, do class for two hours and end up coming back home.

I do not really remember when exactly I started singing. Since both my parents are music teachers, I just kind of went along since I was a child. When other kids would get 'haari patil' to play with, I would get a guitar or a piano to play with. Now, I can play the piano, the guitar, the ukulele, the mouth organ and more. I definitely want to become a full fledged musician once I am done with university. As a matter of fact, I have already started some professional work and sing in a lot of jingles. Some of my songs, which I also write myself, have come out in different mixed albums, the first being in 'Jhalmuri-2'. I already have started working on my own album and am hoping it will be done by next year.

I just want to tell all aspiring singers that without the education, you can not reach greater heights. You have to learn well. And those who have learned and are nurturing their talents will find their way. No matter what happens, a true artist will always find his or her place in the world!

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