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Linking Young Minds Together
   Volume 5 | Issue 47| December 11, 2011 |


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Silly Tales

In Her Shoes

I am probably one of the quietest students in my university. I have a lot of friends, but I am just very shy and quiet and usually spend time with my nose buried inside a book. One of my best friends, Sumaiya, on the other hand is a devil in disguise. She's always playing pranks and chit-chatting with everyone, making people laugh and jumping about here and there. She's lovable and my complete opposite. One day, we came up with a plan to reverse roles. She decided to be like me and convinced me to be like her for just one day. As she tried to keep calm and read a book, I tried playing pranks on people, cracking jokes and lamely laughing along. While Sumaiya watched in awe of how lame I can be, I couldn't help but laugh watching her try and pay attention to reading as she was stuck in the first page for almost 2 hours. Even though we failed miserably at being each other for just one day, I had a brilliant time experiencing something different.

Tanzila Rahman
BRAC University, Dhaka

Explosive Content

When I was in grade 6, there was a science fair in school which I would never forget. Our topic was volcanic eruption and everything was going well before the principal arrived. We had to show him our experiment. I added a lot of vinegar with baking powder to make it very attractive. To my misfortune, everything ended up into something I hadn't thought of. There was a huge explosion and the mixture spread all over the principal's clothes! I felt like laughing out loud but had to stop myself. He was really embarrassed and left without making any noise. After he left we all started laughing but the next day our class teacher made us stand at the back of the class for the whole day! Even though we were punished, the 'explosion' of laughter will always be embedded in my memory!

Shahed Mahmood Ovi

Face to Face

It was a foggy winter morning and the day was our Victory Day, December 16. Like every year a parade team from our school was selected to march in the stadium. The team instructor was the most feared senior teacher in our school, Foni Sir. On the day of the occasion, some of my friends and I went to the stadium to see our team's performance. They were all wearing the school uniform -- white shirt and light yellow pants. Foni sir was also wearing a white shirt. After the march was over, one of our friends came and asked, “Dost, kamon parade korlo?”(How was the parade?) since he had come in late and had missed it. We said, “Oderkei jiggesh kor” (Ask the performers!). He then went to one of them and without noticing anything he grabbed one of them by the shoulders and asked “Kire parade kamon korli?”(How did you do in the parade?). But when he looked at the guy's face, he looked like he had just seen a ghost. To his bad luck, that was not our classmate. Instead, it happened to be our senior teacher, Foni sir! He put down his hand from sir's shoulder at once and said, “Sorry Sir, bhul hoye geche, sir. Maaf kore den.” (I was mistaken. Please forgive me). Foni sir just smiled realising it was a mistake.

Fuad Hassan
Notre Dame College, Dhaka

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