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Linking Young Minds Together
   Volume 5 | Issue 50| January 01, 2012 |


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Interesting and Intelligent

Filmmaker Adnan M S Fakir
Talks to
Salman Rob

COURTESY: Adnan M S Fakir

I completed my O and A Levels from Scholastica after which I pursued studying Biology at Grinnell College, USA. However, soon after I shifted to Economics, ultimately coming back to Bangladesh and completing my undergrad from BRAC University. Not being the most “ideal” school prefect, I always had a sack lot of excuses to bunk classes. I remember sneaking out of school several times just to have a cup of tea in the tongs outside, roam around a bit and then amusingly, I remember sneaking back into school for another round of “hang-outs” and badminton in the wintry days.

I used to be involved in the annual school plays a lot and although I was never a very proficient actor, I always loved the “together-ness” of the cast and the crew and the moment the play was a success ahhh, that sensation of achievement and confidence lasted for quite a while. Some of my best memories are there, slipped inside after school rehearsals. Perhaps that allure of being able to re-create and entertain eventually led me to become a part-time filmmaker.

My worst moment in school would be the last day I spent there as a student--the sense of a world I was very passionate about coming to an end, was heart breaking; and truly, I can never get back there.

My past years are filled with favourite moments. Getting my Black Belt in 2003, starting to write for Rising Star and publishing my first book of poetry in 2005. That cycle trip from Dhaka to Cox's Bazzar in 2006 that changed our lives, there were four of us and it made us almost feel like Che! The grand one would be the release of Finding Bangladesh 01 in 2008. All very precious memories and during each of them I was lucky to meet amazing people and make brilliant friends.

My sensei, Kazi M Qais, always used to say, “Happiness is within you, seek it with a passion.” That is something I always make myself re-remember.

University life certainly carried a lot more responsibility and for me it was more like a soul searching experience trying out various fields from literature, photography, astronomy, biology, genetics and ultimately settling down with Economics and film-making. I still feel like a jack of all trades and honestly so far, I love being one.

Ideas and concepts, I think are the most “beings” in the universe. The root of me turning into a documentary maker would also be an idea that emerged from a survey and an article I had written for Rising Star in 2007 titled “16th December is NOT Independence Day.” The survey was to find out how much the young generations knew about Bangladesh's history. The stats were pretty bad, both from English and Bangla medium schools. From there eventually the idea of “Finding Bangladesh” sprouted to enlighten the emerging generations regarding Bangladesh's past in fun packed packages.

I plan on working freelance in 2012. Our own production house, Pothochari Studios has just been setup and we hope to release Finding Bangladesh 02 covering the histories and mythologies of Barisal and Khulna division in July 2012. Afterwards, I would like to pursue my Masters and PhD in Economics.

Lastly, I would like to add for the readers, to really think out of the box and to be proactive to do meaningful things that you truly want. I will of course insist that everyone makes an effort to learn about our very dynamic and rich history and ultimately, no matter where they study or what they do, to come back to Bangladesh and help this country grow.

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