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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 5 | Issue 50| January 01, 2012 |


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Story on youth and inspiration!

It is very inspiring to see our youth taking the initiative to help the long forgotten true heroes of our country. Last week's article titled “The Fight to Freedom” by Tasnuv Khurshid reveals about such a community of people who has taken the initiative to help those that spearheaded the freedom of our country. Even though it's only a handful of youths that have started this initiative, it is promising as we realise that our younger generation is not as oblivious to our history of freedom war as we think them to be. Initiatives such as these can spread awareness about our history of strife and of those brave souls who have remained unappreciated till now. Fight to Freedom's ambition to unite Bangladeshis from all around the world through Facebook for this great cause is commendable. We have known long about many freedom fighters living under poor conditions without proper attention from the government. I believe it is time for us, for the new generation to realise the debt we owe to these heroes and join together to alleviate their sufferings.

Tanvir Ahamed Siddiki
East West University

An important one.

The article by Saad Adnan Khan was especially an important one because in Bangladesh's present society, gender and sexuality are both topics that are either taboo in mainstream dialogue or something of ridicule. These are issues our generation need to address to develop a better understanding of people, to develop compassion for those who live on the fringes of society and are denied basic human rights, and for their own benefit so that they can better understand themselves. We don't have to accept the gender, sexual and power binaries forced on us by society. It's time to exercise our liberation.

Sumbal Momen
Smith College Alumna


Just read the "Thinking Fast and Thinking Slow: The Hare and The Tortoise of Our Mind" by Asrar Chowdhury, it is a brilliant piece of work I have to say. At first I was just thinking where this article will lead to, but the main point the writer has created is truly remarkable. Maybe it is time to stop and 'think' and ask ourselves about the various complex ways the human mind works. Nowadays we see children in schools and colleges subjected to so much pressure just for academics, and not enough time is spared for any creative growth whatsoever. This article was really an eye-opener for me, made me think of the positive and negative sides of being able to do something, and NOT being able to do something. It is human nature to be disappointed when one can't be 'fast enough' in grasping something, but this article really will make you think a second time.

I think the writer has achieved successfully what he wanted to, 'make us stop and think again'. It is a good write-up and I would like to recommend it to students, teachers and audiences of all age groups to read this, this one's a Must.

Tasfia Rahman
BRAC University

Regarding “Ad Maker Bangladesh: Creative Minds Compete.”

It's great to see the young people of our country showing their creativity and brilliant ideas through different kinds of competitions arranged by different kinds of institutions. We always get to see their brilliant ideas and projects in newspapers and magazines and those ideas always bring hope and satisfaction in our mind. And I want to thank “Star Campus” for bringing out such stories. If their ideas get implemented, there could be a great progress in our economical and infrastructural state of our country. But to our dismay we never get to see this happening. I appreciate the effort of arranging such competitions in our country every now and then for the students to explore their skills and knowledge. The students get platform to show their techniques and creativity through such competitions. But I would like to see their effort to implement their (the participants') ideas by promoting them. The reasons behind the ideas not getting implemented is that the students who participate in the competitions are not willing to do so. They always participate in the competitions for the sake of winning, gaining recognition and polishing their resume. And few people who want to turn their ideas into reality and try their ideas in the market place don't get proper support from banks or any organisations. And that's why an idea always remains an idea. The institutions who arrange such competitions should help the students with brilliant ideas to explore their skills and knowledge in the real market place alongside giving prize money and certificate.

Md Nazmus Sakib
Dhanmondi, Dhaka

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