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Linking Young Minds Together
   Volume 5 | Issue 50| January 01, 2012 |


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Silly Tales

Identity Mishap

During university, I was always known to be a very carefree girl and I used to be very violent with my friends. Every time I would see them somewhere in front of me not knowing I was behind them, I would go and slap them really hard on the back and scare the daylights out of them. One day, while going down the stairs after a class had finished, I spotted a friend somewhere in front of me. I ran down the stairs and I hit her with all my might on her back. She shrieked so loud almost all the students on the stairway burst out into laughter. Since she was one of my closest friends and knew about my habit of doing that, mind you she was used to it too, I expected her to turn around, yell for a while and then laugh it out. But she just stood there, traumatized. Since she hadn't turned around, I chose to go in front of her so see if she was okay. Turns out, she was a different girl who only LOOKED like my friend from the back. She was furious and had tears in her eyes. I apologized with a shocked looked and left. Since then, of course, I stick to a little punch in the stomach so that I can be sure of who it is!

Nowsheen Rahman
BRAC Univerisity, Dhaka

The Prankster gets Fooled

I remember being quite the prankster throughout my school life all the way to my university life. I was all about having fun and laughing. I remember one prank I used to play a lot. I used to tell people that I could read palms and I would ask them to hold out their right palm. What I would do is put my hand underneath theirs and thrust up their palm and make them smack their own face. One day I decided to play a prank on a new student. We had never seen her before and we thought this prank would be a perfect way to introduce ourselves to her. I went up to her said hello and told her that I was the 'campus gypsy'. Amused, she held out her hand and 'wham!' Moments later she looked at me enraged and spoke the words that still terrify me. After asking me what department I was in she said, "Alright. You and I are going to have a little word with the head of the department." Turned out, she was a new teacher! That was the day my pranks had come to an end!

Towsif Islam
American International University Bangladesh, Dhaka

Morning Piss-Off

Like every other school, ours had clichéd morning assemblies as well. Not that I don't enjoy being forced to do aerobics at 7 am, on top of that, our supervisors had to make sure that we wore our uniforms correctly, had our hair done followed by other useless harassments. I remember this one particular morning that I arrived to school a bit later than usual and was obviously late to attend the assembly as well. TI reckoned one of the supervisors was staring at my uniform and my appearance and after doing so he did not look very pleased. I suddenly noticed that my hair was all 'spiked up' during assembly day and I forgot to wear a belt. As soon as the assembly ended I was called along with a couple of other 'punks' to stay behind. I noticed this one supervisor walking towards me with a scissor, just steps away from cutting my hair. I obviously could not let him do that and made a run for it and I ended up tripping on the ground for my loose trousers and hurt my left . I hate assemblies!

Mehraz Akbar
Maple Leaf International School, Dhaka

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