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Linking Young Minds Together
      Volume 6 | Issue 05 | February 05, 2012 |


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Amar Ekushey Grantha Mela 2012

Anik Khan's book of poetry which is ironically titled “Ei boitar naam nei” (This book does not have a name) is a must for those who love wits and humour. The publisher of the book is Borsha Dupur and the cover design is done by Dhrubo Esh. The price of the book is Taka 135.
“Surjer haat-paa” is written by Shahan Kabondho. It is a compilation of poems. Check out the book by this young poet and get to know about thoughts of a young creative mind. The publisher of the book is Aajob and the price of the book is Taka 80.
'Mural' is a compilation of posts of the community blog called 'Amra Bondhu'. The post titled '1971: December er dingulo' is believed to serve as an authentic document of the history of liberation war. Young people should definitely try out the book to know about the liberation war and read different perceptions.

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